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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Today was...............fairly normal......just the way I like it most days. The only problem was this morning when I noticed the tea light candle I left out the night before had burned down into a melted mess onto the stereo speaker. I knew I was in deep deep shit if I didn't try to do somthing. So far I don't think my parents know about the mess yet. I did manage to pry off the melted candle with a kitchen knife but it left a pretty bad mark. So unless I can butter them up for the next few ass is grass.
Ok so anyway, went to work wearing my famous heels. Love em' Makes me look and feel so tall and elongated like gumby. Its also a plus when you have little short guys hitting on you. I always straighten myself upward and then say to them"so what was it you were gonna ask me little man"?
Anyway, there is this one short guy getting friendly with me at work. So far I'm in the good fair zone. None is hitting on me yet.
At least my boss, beki was in a good mood today. Of course I would be too if I spent the day shopping. Which is somthing I'm hoping to accomplish tomorow then.
I'm currently praying that snow dosen't fall anytime soon or at least hard. Freaked me out last night when I drove home from a friend's ballet concert and it started to snow. You see I've had too many bad expierences with snow and ice. Thanks Dad....sure......
Well lets end this blog on a happy note as I finish my apple cinnamon spice tea, tastes just like hot apple cider but without all that sugar.

Sunday, November 27, 2005




Its about that time of year again where I usually put on a little weight. Some days I truly feel like I morphed from the bear family. I really do wish I was a bear because then I could all I want, and just slip into a deep sleep while burning all my spring/summer fat off.
But then again I already know a few people who do that, but they seem to rely on Zanax and wine.
Anyway, So basically I sat on my rear all freakin day. Literally. Except for the going to work part. But now I'm paying for it. I ate so much yesterday I can't even remember what it is I had. Its terrible. One thing is for sure.......plain oatmeal sucks! Unless its pre-flavoured I'm not eating it again! No wonder people refer to it as mushy crap.
Anyway, so its offical now.........I'm going to have to let up on the carbs. If figure if I keep eating those "trigger foods" while I want to lose a few lbs. I better knock off em' for awhile.
I think its just plain stress; stress from Christmas gifts; stress from job; and lets not forget STRESS AT HOME! AH!
So theres my rant for the day. I'm gonna gear up for cyber-mondy and do some online shopping!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Peanut Butter Teddy Bear Cookies

Just take one look and don't tell me they don't look devine as well as cute! Took me about 1 1/2 hours just to roll their little bodies together but it should be well worth it because I'm taking them to work with me today. I just happen to noticed a few of their feet look a bit swelled........hmmm....I can fix that by just eating a few.
I can post the recipie for anyone who wishes to make some of these cute little guys. Chiao~

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Homemade doughnuts

Ahhh isn't this so yummy and pretty. Anyway, it took me a good while to figure out how to make but I got this idea off of I've become obessed with that site! Such a friendly little community. Anyway I'm planning to make a bunch of these and hopfully sell them.


I see........uhhh....ok I'll bite, I nearly soaked the apples in wine from last night and now see the result. One dialated looking hippy who dined on one large spiked apple. But while we are all in good spirits, this really was a funny shot huh? har har. BLACKMAIL! yeah, peace out dad.

This is why I wouldn't mind being a little drunk today:

In the famous words of my good pal pete......MEH! Its all the same here every year. We go through the hellish pre-cleaning ritual of moving all my stuff into a massive clump of stuff just to make room for people I see all the time, unfortunatly a little longer on this day.
Now I'm in the waiting game. Waiting for the masses to come, devour the food, then stay for another three hours all the while using our ahem, facilities to our detriment.
Obviously my parents have never had expierence in having to use the restroom after someone happened to be in there too long. Doctors even say not to sit on the toilet for so long because of bowl stress. Idiots!
Personally, one thing I'm grateful for is that I only have to go through with these stupid holidays about 3 times a year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.
Oh yeah here's another rant for you all; Why is meat always the main center piece for every holiday meal????? I don't get it? Hasn't its time gone up yet?
Alright Alright, I'm stopping for now. I'm sure I've offended many people as I have made them laugh.
Cheers and Happy thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Baked Apples in Wine

This recipie is French, Its so fast and simple yet very very elegant as is the smell of it baking in the oven. I just made this evening for my parents as a test run for Thanksgiving dinner. So here it is:

6-10 cooking apples
cold unsalted butter
chopped mixed nuts (optional)
brown sugar
ground cinnamon
1 cup red wine
1/2 cup water
Preheat your oven at 375 degrees. Use as many apples as your baking dish will hold. Wash and core the apples and place in a baking dish. Push a small piece of butter (about the size of a cherry) into the bottom of each hole. Fill with nuts, top with 1 tsp. brown sugar, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Pour the wine and water into the dish, and bake for 30 mintues.

Look I'm popular!

Damn that paperazzi! I know I'm trying to act all cool and calm here. Actually you can barely tell because the picture is so grainy. sorry people. I know how much you all want to gawk and admire my world-reknown beauty, but blame it on either the scanner or the santa taking up half my face space.
Anyway, I just thought you all would like to admire the wonderful decorations we did for the store. More pictures of that to come later!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We Are FAMILY.......

Look its me, mom, and my favorite aunt and uncle. Or should I say my favorite uncle from Sweden. Dosen't he remind you of Santa Claus? I'm mean seriously, he's got it going on here! I'm surprised he dosen't have childeren following him in the streets giving away prezzies to them........of course if I had that problem of kids following me, I'd probably either throw and bunch of candy at them and run, or just give em' a whiff of the popular au de christmas mace.
And of course I can't forget my darling aunt D! I do emphasize the darling part. She'd make an excellent Mrs. Claus.

Of course my chances of getting cast for a Christmas part was either a background tree or an angel every year. I never could figure out why I wasn't chosen for the virgin mary??????? I don't think Mary was always a isn't her real natural color people.....come on.........wink wink.

my little burrito of cat

Actually I mostly refer to him as my little loaf of bread baking ontop of the hood of my car. Poor thing, I don't know how he keep surviving each winter....half the time he's over at the neighbors' getting pooped on by their horses or getting fattened up by the other set. You can see he's already got a little "pooch" going on there.
Tis me, my hair is redder than this. I really should stop taking
pictures of myself while driving.

Opening credits

Since this is the first blog I have created, I figured I better start off with being optimistic and give some personal information about myself to you all who are not currently up-to-date with me.
I've been through a many number of jobs recently, most notorious was Amanda's Lingerie Closet. The first, last, and only store in Sunnyside that only catered to the fetish of lacy underthings. I now work at Hopfengarden Gallery in sunnyside.
Its lots of fun, lots of things you buy but don't need really. Perfect for women, ahem.
I'm obessed with many things, but mainly fashion and that whole fantasy world holds most of the place. I'd think I would have died and gone to fashion heaven if I ever got a job working in the fashion field.

I currently only have one love in my life for now, and yes people its my cat, but if you saw him at first glance you'd love him too!

I can't say that I don't lead an uninteresting life, but its not without its dull which you might witness from time to time on here when I either "forget" or just plain don't want to do a blog today.

and thats it for the moement, until I can get some pictures on here to show off.
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