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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Its about that time of year again where I usually put on a little weight. Some days I truly feel like I morphed from the bear family. I really do wish I was a bear because then I could all I want, and just slip into a deep sleep while burning all my spring/summer fat off.
But then again I already know a few people who do that, but they seem to rely on Zanax and wine.
Anyway, So basically I sat on my rear all freakin day. Literally. Except for the going to work part. But now I'm paying for it. I ate so much yesterday I can't even remember what it is I had. Its terrible. One thing is for sure.......plain oatmeal sucks! Unless its pre-flavoured I'm not eating it again! No wonder people refer to it as mushy crap.
Anyway, so its offical now.........I'm going to have to let up on the carbs. If figure if I keep eating those "trigger foods" while I want to lose a few lbs. I better knock off em' for awhile.
I think its just plain stress; stress from Christmas gifts; stress from job; and lets not forget STRESS AT HOME! AH!
So theres my rant for the day. I'm gonna gear up for cyber-mondy and do some online shopping!!!!!!!!!


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