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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Opening credits

Since this is the first blog I have created, I figured I better start off with being optimistic and give some personal information about myself to you all who are not currently up-to-date with me.
I've been through a many number of jobs recently, most notorious was Amanda's Lingerie Closet. The first, last, and only store in Sunnyside that only catered to the fetish of lacy underthings. I now work at Hopfengarden Gallery in sunnyside.
Its lots of fun, lots of things you buy but don't need really. Perfect for women, ahem.
I'm obessed with many things, but mainly fashion and that whole fantasy world holds most of the place. I'd think I would have died and gone to fashion heaven if I ever got a job working in the fashion field.

I currently only have one love in my life for now, and yes people its my cat, but if you saw him at first glance you'd love him too!

I can't say that I don't lead an uninteresting life, but its not without its dull which you might witness from time to time on here when I either "forget" or just plain don't want to do a blog today.

and thats it for the moement, until I can get some pictures on here to show off.


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