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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Today was...............fairly normal......just the way I like it most days. The only problem was this morning when I noticed the tea light candle I left out the night before had burned down into a melted mess onto the stereo speaker. I knew I was in deep deep shit if I didn't try to do somthing. So far I don't think my parents know about the mess yet. I did manage to pry off the melted candle with a kitchen knife but it left a pretty bad mark. So unless I can butter them up for the next few ass is grass.
Ok so anyway, went to work wearing my famous heels. Love em' Makes me look and feel so tall and elongated like gumby. Its also a plus when you have little short guys hitting on you. I always straighten myself upward and then say to them"so what was it you were gonna ask me little man"?
Anyway, there is this one short guy getting friendly with me at work. So far I'm in the good fair zone. None is hitting on me yet.
At least my boss, beki was in a good mood today. Of course I would be too if I spent the day shopping. Which is somthing I'm hoping to accomplish tomorow then.
I'm currently praying that snow dosen't fall anytime soon or at least hard. Freaked me out last night when I drove home from a friend's ballet concert and it started to snow. You see I've had too many bad expierences with snow and ice. Thanks Dad....sure......
Well lets end this blog on a happy note as I finish my apple cinnamon spice tea, tastes just like hot apple cider but without all that sugar.


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