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Thursday, November 24, 2005

This is why I wouldn't mind being a little drunk today:

In the famous words of my good pal pete......MEH! Its all the same here every year. We go through the hellish pre-cleaning ritual of moving all my stuff into a massive clump of stuff just to make room for people I see all the time, unfortunatly a little longer on this day.
Now I'm in the waiting game. Waiting for the masses to come, devour the food, then stay for another three hours all the while using our ahem, facilities to our detriment.
Obviously my parents have never had expierence in having to use the restroom after someone happened to be in there too long. Doctors even say not to sit on the toilet for so long because of bowl stress. Idiots!
Personally, one thing I'm grateful for is that I only have to go through with these stupid holidays about 3 times a year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.
Oh yeah here's another rant for you all; Why is meat always the main center piece for every holiday meal????? I don't get it? Hasn't its time gone up yet?
Alright Alright, I'm stopping for now. I'm sure I've offended many people as I have made them laugh.
Cheers and Happy thanksgiving.


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