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Saturday, December 31, 2005

saki it to me

Its my boss's fault. She got me hooked first on this Champagne. Now this saki. I really don't know what to say, other than I think I have the coolest boss in the world. I have the only boss who lets me drink champagne on the job, and gives me free cookies. Last I remember we had mimosas on Christmas eve. Man, that was a great Christmas. Now i've got to break this in for New Years. HAPPY 2006!!!!

I think I'm turning Japanese..I really think sooo...

This greenish/powdery looking thing is actually a super-delicious rice bean cake. I tried a bite of beki's at the store.......and I never thought I'd really start having an addiction to Japanese pasteries. The texture is like a very soft taffy with what looks like mushed beans in the center of the cake. Outside it has a very light coating of powdered sugar. These my friends are EXTREMELY addictive. Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!!

I know this may look like the ordinary rip-off French pastery but its actually a neat little Japanese cake my boss got for me yesterday. She made the rounds in seattle to pick up things for the store and in the process got me some yummy Japanese food. I truly am spoiled.....and I must say I accept all offers that do so.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Crackers? or Cookies?

I truly have no clue whether its a cross between a cookie and a cracker......but i'm leaning towards the cracker. Anyway I tried one of these last night, and it was pretty much what I expected a digestive biscuit to be. Kinda salty.....crunchy...........again I remember reading about this stuff in books, and oh yeah from the movie Pocohantes (yes, I know I spelled that wrong, but indian names are hard). I'm pretty sure these things would be good with some of the tea I got so now I can have a proper cuppa. Love this stuff.

am I spoiled enough already? NO!

Canada's least that is what Rob told me (Canadian pride) , but these are really delicious despite the fact I wasn't able to eat the cute little hazelnut choco-hedge hogs thanks to a nut allergy. But still, after picking through the nutty ones they were pretty good chocolates. Lovely box I must say too. America needs to take a few lessons in chocolate making. My parents did love the little hedgehogs though. Thanks so much rob!

Alright Rob, I took this picture for you as a teaser. Just so you can guess away at all the delicious stuff I am (sooner or later) going to send to you.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Choco-Choco-Chocolates! Choco-Choco-Chocolates!

Yet another close up shot of all its yummy goodies. I completely forgot about the tea! ah. Must try some tomrow.

So I'm pretty sure this stuff like the top ramen all you lazy people here in america eat. You can get much more pop art from this plastic can than our campbells soup label (no offense to the Andy Warhol lovers out there) Still since its all the way from the U.K. I still find it cool.

anglophile foood/more pictures

We already have Orange and Mint Kitkats in the US, but the Brits are slightly different. The strawberries and cream really had that creamy taste, very nice. Haven't tried orange or mint yet. Unlike our bars, they have little sayings on them like "have a break" etc. etc. Kitkat chunky is about the same as the single bar I got from canada. Just think of one large Kitkat. Great single serving for the dieting crowd. hahaha.
Ok, so I know that there are other people out there who have read the whole Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe and about Edmund and his fetish for Turkish Delight which ultimatly got him in a hole, I had been captured by it ever since reading about it in the novel. The turkish delight I got sent to me came in two forms: One chocolate covered, the other in this powder as you see above. Both of which are not what I thought it would be. It definatly wasn't "full of eastern promise" that was stated on the wrapper.
All in all, I can now see why we don't have this in America. Not many people would eat jelly candy encased in either chocolate or powdered sugar. But still, was great to try! Thanks petey!

I am one spoiled little girl........

Ok this is all the stuff spread out. Can you believe it? I couldn't. We've got the turkish delight, KitKats, pot of some noodles (britains equivalent of Top Ramen), shortbread cookies, digestive biscuits, and of course tons of Cadbury chocolates.
Ok here is the first big picture. I was so insanly overjoyed when I got it. Even the mailman was impressed. I forget how much poor pete paid to send this but I'm pretty sure it was waaaayy over how much I spend on lattes every week.

La Familia Edquist

It sure must be nice to be a male, I mean in the sense that everyone takes on your last name. Your last name could be poop-o and some girl would marry you and have all your kids with the last name poop-o. Anyway, I am happy to say that these people are part of my extended family. From left to right: cousin Jeff, Ursula (back), Brittney (back), Kersten (sitting), dear uncle Torkel and his beautiful wife Aunt Darlene.

Anyway I wanted to show yes, I do have some normal family ties and dearly love them also! Now if that dosen't score me 10 bonus points as a good child then I don't know what else will.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cat stuck in the window...............AGAIN!

Ok so my cat isn't really truly stuck between the bathroom window and our bars. But it certainly does make one question how on earth did she get her little behind up and into this area. Whatever that case, everyone sunday morning she makes her rounds and does this to scare me till I see a large moving shadow brushing up against the window.


I have had the most crappiest cold to hit me of 2005. I seriously want to hunt down and drag the person who transfered this virus to me, into the street and beat the person to a bloody pulp, like in The Godfather. Now that was a feel-good movie. It sure did make you feel damn good that your father was never involved in the mafia. I mean would be fun and all to say to everyone...hey my dad is the mafia boss or my husband can definatly kick yoru husband's rear end, but in the end I would rather just be a rich social wife. I truly believe that is my calling.
Anyway, i'm just trying to survive this stupid stupid cold, must surivie another day of work tomorow wrapping up tons of stupid odd ball presents for idiotic people. They always want the stupidest most hardest thing wrapped people! Stop doing that to the WRAP PERSON!!!!
So there I'm finished for the day. My life sucks right now only cause I've got this damn cold. So there!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh Canada...Oh Canada your candy is uhhhh

Ok this is one BIG FREAKIN KitKat. Imagine breaking a big piece of this off a huge bar! Unfortunatly it only comes in single versions for now. But still it was quiet tasty especially for having caramel inside it. I definatly want more of these. I wonder if God will have some in heaven....................ummm hmmmm.
Just got these this past friday. Quiet a yummy delicious collection don't you think? I actually had more but decided to share some with my boss Beki. Aren't I nice that I should have a raise for all those candy bars I so generously brought to work. Ok anyway, the banana KitKat was missing but later found it stuffed inside my backpack. All these yummy little bits of temporary happiness came from my friend Rob way over in Toronto. I don't know why they have such much more variety there but whocares cause I got this for free!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

fizzy cupcakes

Aren't these so cute? Yeah I know I said cute, but they are! I found these at a local Rite Aid for like, $7 bucks. Not bad. I haven't tried them. I really don't want too because they are so cute! darn it.
Anyway they just gave me great inspiration to create my own for gifts. Whoever thought of these is a genius..........sorta.

Sunday's Fog

There just isn't anything interesting about fog really. I took this picture this morning while running to get the sunday paper. I'm honestly surprised a car didn't just pop out and ram me over while taking this.

my swedish uncle

This is his sad clown face.
hahaha, I just love my dear uncle. He was in such deep thought during this
photo shoot......personally I'm not sure who is waiting to break...
the camera or my uncle.
haha I mean no harm really, Love ya Uncle T!

room sweet room

My room isn't normall this messy, but I was bored and thought I'd just take the darn picture anyway for those curious enough about where I sleep.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

katie knits

Absolutly love this site! Cool girl, cool knits! Makes me wish I had the talent and time to do this stuff!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

damn this snow!

Why oh why must i rish my life everyday in this stupid state. I admit I love the snow, its pretty and light and even makes my skin glow a little. But when I'm stuck relying on my own wits as to driving up our steep driveway in it! HELL NO!
Anyway hopfully with a quick prayer I can make it. Or maybe some super heat wave will come and melt everything paving the way for me to get home. Dad's gone so I can't really complain to anyone about this anymore. I already told him that if I happen to die out there in an accident then its his fault. I'm going strike an arrangment with God and haunt my parents for this. Maybe even put a few writings on the wall with somthing like this: Its your fault you made me drive out in this!
Not very convincing I know, in fact I can just see them brush past it each morning as they reach for the tea kettle. Ohwell I tried.
Anyway, God's speed and God bless me for going out in this.
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