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Friday, January 27, 2006


I just wanna start this off on a serious note people, tanorexia can affect anyone. Especially your superficial girlfriends, women in their 40's, and pale redheads like me.
Lohan looks a little ummm, I don't know, like she got too much of that JLo glow stuff. It kinda reminds me of how I used to attempt that bronze goddess look.
Needless to say it looked like crap, or as if I took a can of matte paint and streaked it up and down my legs, which then of course rubbed off onto everything else. Not only that but my entire body would self-stick to everything that wasn't tied down or wasn't heavier than me.

Another great incident was when I went to this local lady who air brushed tans. Yeah right, it was more like she re-versed a large vacum on me that left me dripping with some sort of brown substance. Next thing I heard was my mom saying in shock that I blended well into the couch. Thats not good at all because our couch is a poop brown color.

And its not attractive walking around town looking like a human sized turd.

I say all this embarassing stuff to warn others considering tanning themselves to death. I never listened enough to my good friends who embraced my natural paleness..........ok.....flawless skin.

So just say no to tanning beds. Tha'd make a great t-shirt by the way.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


As you can see Albania dosen't seem to have the barren wilderness and random goats as I thought it would have had. Thats what I get for reading Dilbert.
Anyway my gal pal, Sonila from Tirana, Albania sent me these these pictures ( I had to make em' small cause it was so large)
So anyway, obviously I was wrong about thinking it was a country full of goat herders to which I sincerly apologize for my simple american mind.

Just when I thought I wasn't stylish enough.......

I ask you, is this NOT a super cool t-shirt?! It's true blue vintage, hand done, and made by a indie designer. and plus, I ONLY PAID $20!!!!! Beat that you Pirate of the Caribbean-obessed people.
Alright and this one is made by a very very very special deisgner. She's local, and knows whats in. Oh umm, sorry that would be ME. I totally forgot to mention that part. Yeah this is just somthing I thought would turn out looking cool, but didn't exactly. But its not my fault because I went to an idiot screen printer who took weeks to do this, and it wasn't the cool worn-out effect I wanted. So if anyone knows of a better printer, please fwd me their number. Gracias.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Scotland+Men = ohmyga!

Yes, if my mom couldn't do a better job of making me feel better being single, she really outdid herself this morning. As she calls out my name to read from an article from the local paper about how there are a ton of single Scottish men just standing around wearing kilts.

I've figured this could be due to two things: Either they are all gay and waiting for one guy to drop somthing. Or maybe all the women got stolen from some Irish leprechans or somthing...............either way I'm almost postive that both theories are bogus. Why?

Because I've only seen REAL men come from Scotland. oh and did I mention the accent? What is it with women and accents. Like, why don't some women go out and marry some west virginian hick? They have accents.

Besides that, who wouldn't want to take a strapping young scottish hunk and bring him home and make all the girls jealous? Thats one of the key parts men play somtimes. To make other girlfriends jealous. See we do value men as well.

So now as I'm making my flight reservations to Scottland I bid you all farewell to make you girls jealous suckas. har har

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ten You NEVER knew about Me

1. I have a bad habit of taking votives from work.
2. I accidentally slammed the car's door shut on my poor kittys' paws.
(I felt like a piece of crap after that to this day)
3. I can eat two whole loaves of bread.
4. I wish I was married to hottie Sawyer on LOST. OHMAGAWD!
5. I have a strange obession with mints and new gum flavors.
6. I spend more money on food and beauty products than anything else.
( a girl has gotta live somhow am I right?)
7. I really am more selfish than you think. For true.
8. I say the f-word too much
( but I am trying to get out of the habit!)
9. I flirt too much with people. Yes.....people...
10. I hate alot of cleavage.....and will leave it at that!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hopfengarten madness are a few pictures taken in November during our mad mad mad preparation and decoration of the store for christmas. You can't see how much crap is all over the floor, I sure do wish I had taken a few photos of that.
Yes, we've still got this metal baby up, with all the danglies too! Oh yeah I bought that chandiler by the way.
The view from the side door. Breathtaking don't you think? Its especially fantastic when working the cash register.

Friday, January 13, 2006

short hair and mi favorito gato

Ok I SWEAR, this is the last time I take a pictures of my cat........for this week........ok for today. He just can't help himself..........probably because he's so overweight.
So this is me with short hair, about chin length obviously......whadda ya think?

Getting my eyebrows life decision today!

Ok, yes...............I know.........its fact to some people, like a few of my friends ahem, would consider this to be the stupidest decision. I've been blessed never to have the uni-brow nor the fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows or even had them botched to look like a marlene dietriche wannabe.
But today as I was getting my hair done I got into the conversation with my hair dresser about doing eyebrows. What a shock, because she does them. Being the true scardy cat that I was, I prayed the slient prayer that they wouldn't end up looking like some circus freak eyebrows as she dapped on the hot wax.
Oh yeah and hot really does feel nice...not in a sick-o way people!
Anyway, I braced myself for pain as she mushed on the paper------RIPP!!!!!

Just kidding I didn't say a word. People its not that bad, and seriously its about 10 times better than tweezing one by one. This you sit, you dab, you rip, your done. My eyebrows were a tad red though but looked sooooo nice.
So if ANYONE who is reading this, please please don't get tweezed. Its not worth the pain and tears. Waxing will change your life! Especially if you have furry brows.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Heather with the Sun in her eyes......

Isn't this a neat shot? Well except for my sadow in the background, but after looking directly into the sun a couple times I got a fairly good shot. My eyes are so......glaring.....I love that look. Its almost as if I can see into the very depths of your SOUL! Right well, I normally don't see that far......but somtimes when people wear see-through gets pretty awful.

It must be nice to be lazy, fat, and furry cute.

Ah yes, how I do love him! I'm really not one of those cat crazy loving people who attend those cat shows and look at strange puffed out breeds of cats. No, my cat is just a simple loving farm cat that gets along with everybody. I caught him this morning chilling out ontop of the wood pile takin in some sun. Bless him!

Monday, January 02, 2006

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years 2006********

Posers......thats right......this IS the way we look everyday haha.
Wow this one turned out smaller than expected. Anyhow I want to avoid the whole cliche of "look how cute they are together" because well, they are and of course whether or not together Luke and markia both are cute.

My newest galpal, Amelia who is about 100x more funnier than I expected
I could never have enough fun with this girlie!
Cool long shot
Yeah I thought it was gonna be the magic rub my ears for prize game too, but actually we're playing a game to which Amelia is guessing who's ears are whoms. She has a thing for ears.......which is cool by me because I have a thing for ripped backs.
Anyway, like that made alot of sense.......not that it mattered much last night anyway.
Could they be laura's ears?
Two of my many bestest and cutest girlfriends. Beautiful smiles guys!
Alright time for sleep and had a fabulous time with you all and hope you each got some lovely rest afterwards.

Workin my way up the blogging chain

Alright, first shes cool at writing about food and making an entire diary of everything she eats, and secondly she added a link to my little blog here on her sight. So I think it customary or at least kindly to encourage everyone else to check out her site.
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