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Friday, January 13, 2006

Getting my eyebrows life decision today!

Ok, yes...............I know.........its fact to some people, like a few of my friends ahem, would consider this to be the stupidest decision. I've been blessed never to have the uni-brow nor the fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows or even had them botched to look like a marlene dietriche wannabe.
But today as I was getting my hair done I got into the conversation with my hair dresser about doing eyebrows. What a shock, because she does them. Being the true scardy cat that I was, I prayed the slient prayer that they wouldn't end up looking like some circus freak eyebrows as she dapped on the hot wax.
Oh yeah and hot really does feel nice...not in a sick-o way people!
Anyway, I braced myself for pain as she mushed on the paper------RIPP!!!!!

Just kidding I didn't say a word. People its not that bad, and seriously its about 10 times better than tweezing one by one. This you sit, you dab, you rip, your done. My eyebrows were a tad red though but looked sooooo nice.
So if ANYONE who is reading this, please please don't get tweezed. Its not worth the pain and tears. Waxing will change your life! Especially if you have furry brows.


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