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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years 2006********

Posers......thats right......this IS the way we look everyday haha.
Wow this one turned out smaller than expected. Anyhow I want to avoid the whole cliche of "look how cute they are together" because well, they are and of course whether or not together Luke and markia both are cute.

My newest galpal, Amelia who is about 100x more funnier than I expected
I could never have enough fun with this girlie!
Cool long shot
Yeah I thought it was gonna be the magic rub my ears for prize game too, but actually we're playing a game to which Amelia is guessing who's ears are whoms. She has a thing for ears.......which is cool by me because I have a thing for ripped backs.
Anyway, like that made alot of sense.......not that it mattered much last night anyway.
Could they be laura's ears?
Two of my many bestest and cutest girlfriends. Beautiful smiles guys!
Alright time for sleep and had a fabulous time with you all and hope you each got some lovely rest afterwards.


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