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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Scotland+Men = ohmyga!

Yes, if my mom couldn't do a better job of making me feel better being single, she really outdid herself this morning. As she calls out my name to read from an article from the local paper about how there are a ton of single Scottish men just standing around wearing kilts.

I've figured this could be due to two things: Either they are all gay and waiting for one guy to drop somthing. Or maybe all the women got stolen from some Irish leprechans or somthing...............either way I'm almost postive that both theories are bogus. Why?

Because I've only seen REAL men come from Scotland. oh and did I mention the accent? What is it with women and accents. Like, why don't some women go out and marry some west virginian hick? They have accents.

Besides that, who wouldn't want to take a strapping young scottish hunk and bring him home and make all the girls jealous? Thats one of the key parts men play somtimes. To make other girlfriends jealous. See we do value men as well.

So now as I'm making my flight reservations to Scottland I bid you all farewell to make you girls jealous suckas. har har


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