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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ten You NEVER knew about Me

1. I have a bad habit of taking votives from work.
2. I accidentally slammed the car's door shut on my poor kittys' paws.
(I felt like a piece of crap after that to this day)
3. I can eat two whole loaves of bread.
4. I wish I was married to hottie Sawyer on LOST. OHMAGAWD!
5. I have a strange obession with mints and new gum flavors.
6. I spend more money on food and beauty products than anything else.
( a girl has gotta live somhow am I right?)
7. I really am more selfish than you think. For true.
8. I say the f-word too much
( but I am trying to get out of the habit!)
9. I flirt too much with people. Yes.....people...
10. I hate alot of cleavage.....and will leave it at that!


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