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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I've decided to start recording my dreams no matter how weird they are or will become..........because somtime down the line, they uh might come in handy. So here was last nights dream: Basically it was like I went back to high school only it sorta felt like a reunion and all of my class was headed to some camp together and I was riding in what felt like an SUV with Rachel Jacobson, Brady, Tabitha, and Dustin Merryman. I had no clue who was driving. But I just remember Dustin asking us all if we were hungry after eating an hour ago or somthing. Then he turned to us and said, "man I don't know how you guys do it...I'd be starving".
Yeah I don't get it either, thats why its called a dream.
Anyway, and before that we had all been in the woods, and courgars were on the loose so we had to be carful and I think we saw one, through the van going home, I just remember saying to myself we're finally going home. Near the end, we somhow ended up in what looked like my grammie & popo's house, I was there and a few other were too, and Nate appeared, was in a sweatsuit and watned to dangle from a rope attachted to the car port. but for some reason he couldn't so he kindly asked for me hand to help, of course I thought it was just soooooo sweet and quickly offered it and he started swining back and forth. He then ended up skinning his head on the gravel, but kept it up and I managed to help swing him super high...........................and.......................then....................then of course I woke up in a state of shock trying to remember the dream. Sigh. Just made me miss and think of my high school dayz.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Although most of my girlfriends dis-like vogue and all those other mags I read, and so most of the time I leaving them flapping about throughout the house. Until recently my dad found my latest installment of BUST magazine. Its not what you think, yeah yeah yeah, its actually a femminist mag but a bit umm errr more risque and its pretty much open to talking about anyting and everything. Of course my dad flipped through and I'm positive it was that interview with that lesbian rocker he found and chewed me out for reading it. Later on yesterday evening as I was coming out of my room, I was his reflection through a picture and found him reading my Brit Vogue magazine. I really wasn't that shocked because earlier he took interest in a bridal bouqet book I got from the liberary earlier.
So I spent some time staring at him, then finally thought ok, I'll test him and see how he reacts when I come into the room. So I come in and immediatly with shock plops it down and walks away.
AH HA! I said to myself, I KNEW IT! Somthing is up or wrong or whatever. I thought about telling mum about it, but then figured I really shouldn't because it'll more than likely end up in dad's ears.
I guess this is more of a relate and vetn story. We've all been there surely with awkward moements with parents and all.

Stupid Girls

They travel in packs of two or three with their itsy bitsy doggies and their teeny wennie tees Go to Fred Segal and you'll find them there laughin so loud that all the little people stare lookin for a daddy to pay for the champagne.......
Maybe if I push my blonde hair back, baby would you like that?

I'm not sure if you've all heard this song "stupid girls" by Pink but its by far one of the best and truest songs I've heard yet. I really recommend checking out the video as well, it shows pink in a lindsey lohan get up driving along, and then ramming people all over, screams, oh yeah then checks herself in the mirror and keeps driving while blabbing on her cell. Then leads into a mock paris hilton sex tape.
Although, I think Pink herself presents an image of sexuality because she's in the music biz, the song is still funny, and I have to say congrats because I'm so friggin sick of seeing all these diluted girls walking around as mock copies the likes of Lohan, Simpson, Hilton, Richie, and Olsen.
Trust me attaining that image is the easy part but maintaing it is 50x harder because I've been there with the weight, clothing, hair and makeup and I wasn't making anything greater or better about my emotional self. Instead I practically ended up anorexic, bad self image and condfidence, and no saved money.
Anyway, I'm just thankful I don't have alot of stupid girlfriends like that protrayed. I'm just sad I didn't listen to them before.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Count down to the Oscars

Yes, it is a big deal in our household. At least between my mom and me. My mother having grown up in central cali and the majority of my grandparent's and family lived in southern california around movie stars. A few interesting facts is when the family kids would go trick-or-treating so some of the stars' houses and get the good stuff, and my grandfather's stepmother was a teacher who was a tutor to the young Debbie Reynolds (she was in Singing in the Rain) to refresh you.
So with that my mom and I usually have a nice meal while glued to the tv on that holy Sunday evening. Just don't call me, ok, because you'll end up getting a new side of unhappy heather, in fact I probably won't even be picking up the phone. If you have an emergency, don't call me, just dial 9-1-1 like they taught us in preschool.
With that Ladies and Gents; lets begin the countdown to superficiality!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

La Rosas

Aren't these great? I took these in our living room with two lights on full blast and the tv going on in the front. I dont know how I was able to get it all dark in the background but it worked. Oh yeah these came from the flowers I got for valentine's day.

workin 9 to 5.........actually its more like 10 to 2

Yeeeeaaaahhhh work has been tough. Having to roll myself out of bed and then give myself a semi face lift through makeup. Then I drive a whole 6 min to get into town, take another 10 min to grab a latte and haul my rear to work. After that once I've taken the long process of turning on every switch and light to waste energy I then stand an ponder over my hot cup of coffee what to do next. In and out old women briefly enter in my life to nit pick what they want in the store but won't even shell out $3.00.
Meanwhile, I'm passing time either reading a mag, doing homework, or just plain staring at stuff in the store. Its an exciting, thrilling, wild ride! Now usually the owner of the thai eatery next to us comes over to chat or push greasy thai food in my face, which I then try to pass to beki, who then passes it either to the stray cats outside or her poor husband.
You can see the nice food chain I have developed through this.
Now I'm bored with this conversation........we might as well end it. It wasn't working out anyway for us.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Have Fun

Which Celebrity do I have a crush on the most?
James Franco
viggo mortensen
Angelina Jolie
that extra I saw in Spiderman
Free polls from

Are you addicted?

Celebrity worship is the fastest growing religion. Its true and very sad because I myself spend too much money on magazines. On Monday I just bought the new edition of Harper's Bazzar and Allure, then yesterday I ended up getting a mail box jammed with two huge editions of InStyle and Vogue. So I hastly sat my butt down the entire day yesterday to catch up on my unholy readings.

Isn't that the picture of class. I'm glad so many teen girls look up to her along with being able to look up her skirt.

Ok, you see that black hat shes wearing........SEE IT?! Your not looking hard enough....ok ok, that hat is actually MY HAT! You've all seen my infamous black hat I wear in the summer. Do you now realize that my style is ahead of celebs? Ok so it isn't much to say for going beyond Britney but still.

yeah, he's my favorite, and not just because he's smoking weed, dates hookers, and attempts to kill people, but its cause he's got his own cup with DOG written on it. How many people do you know that have that on their breakfast cups? Well, I do know two pimps that do but that dosen't count eh rob?

Just look what they did to him! Isn't it hot? Yeah Viggo is or was my obession for awhile during the Lord of the Ring saga. I wasn't never into that movie much, except for him. While all the other girls were fighting over that gay elf played by dinky Orlando Bloom I took the smarter route and went with a real man. Anyway I just think this would be a cool look for halloween to scare the crap outta somone.

My favorite actor. Billy Murray has got some great movies out there, Lost in Translation happens to be one of my favorites.

This is soooo funny because last night I had this dream where I saw mary-kate and ashley in a hotel looking like ghostly hookers wandering the halls too. Now that is freaky man!

I didn't want to post this picture in the first place because, its just so ugly. But I have to because I wanted to make a point to all you people who suggest that I date a redheaded boy. This is why. Because every redheaded boy I've seen/meet is ugly and weird. I almost have a phobia towards them now. Plus if we had kids, they'd be so ugly it would be doing a disservice to the human race, although I'd probably be able to trade my kids and husband for millions to Arab nations to use against the U.S. as weapons of mass destruction.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Little Note------------>

I just wanted to update you all on how things are going since yesterday's hell took place. My grammie is doing fine, she had some holes in her stomach and throat which lead to bleeding inside, but in all is doing ok for now. Dad seems to be in a better mood with me. I really prayed that God would just take my car problem into his hands and prayed about my situations. So far my car has been fixed by dad. Thank God.
I just ask that, even though it feels like we have crossed out of the mess, we still have alot of foggy areas to cover and none knows really where that will lead. So keep in prayers andmind the stress that is going on with family and other financial obstacles.
Thanks Guys!

Nicole's New Ballet Studio

Really, theses kiddies just picked up the brushes themselves are kept working the 12 hours shifts. I swear none forced them, even by bribery of cake. The cute little one in the headband is Nicole's little sis. You might as well just say it, awwww!!
Let the light show in. The semi-finished wall.
I had this picture taken of me just to prove that I actually did do some work.
Those darn kids! See they didn't even finish the wall.......actually that is my work your looking at.....yyeeaah I know fine job huh? But come on, drywall is heavy!
Cleaning up the trail of paint mess the kids, ahem, cough I made, on the floor.
Spackle Queen
Cheers to you nicole for makin it happen!

31 mouthwater flavors of Toothpaste

Yep, I said it correctly. I was stunned this morning too when I got my email from
They got flavors like cola, white peach, curry, coffee, fresh yogurt, and sweet salt. Odd.
So here is the link to check it out: http://

I think little kids would like this stuff best. Although there would be result of them eating the stuff rather than spittin it out.
I don't even know where to begin saying what I want to say. I'm just so full of bitterness and anger towards my dad. Unlike most situations we usually are back to normal talking after a day or two of the silent treatment or exchanging arguments. I'm 110% positive that its the stress on him. My car is dying, his truck is dying. We both need a vehicle to survive in this valley. Walking is considered the poorman's driving around here.
He just gave me a big lecture this morning on how I'm not allowed to do any errands of any kind because the pickup truck uses too much fuel. He has no idea what an ass he really is acting like. God forbide me to go out and get that job application today. Or even getting somthing from the store. Geezz I'm just sinning up a storm today aren't I?
Thankfully, I snickered and am not going to listen to the dummy. I don't just drive around for nothing, nor make random stops at the store. I justify my case today for using the pickup to meet a friend whom I had a date set a week ago to meet with and also get some job applications. So lets see him try and prosecute me for that one.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I really do want to die, or at least feel like I am. I just want to see myself break up and disperse into a million little pieces. I don't actually want to die, I just want the pain to go away. God always seems to throw the worst times when your having the best.
My grandmother nearly passed out in church today, and was hauled to the hospital in Yakima because of a "heart condition". I know that my mom is being affected by that and will cause stress on her. It obviously showed up on my dad's face when I got home. My car is breaking down, and overheated many times as I was trying and praying to get home alright. Of course when I did get home I was greeted by my dad complaining why I didn't keep the fires going. This is why I hate fireplaces so fucking much. I'm sorry dad that my car broke down a few times on the road, I'm sorry dad that you and mom couldn't come home to tend to the precious fires. Bullshit this is. On top of that dad had to get in on the action of letting stress out by saying his little pickup was dying as well and has no idea what to do etc. That has put me under stress as well. He's not talking to me nor being kind. Gee, I'm sorry this is all my fucking fault, why not just banish me to hell for your sins eh?
I feel worthless, I think the devil is getting to me. I know that times like this, call for BIG faith in God. I'm going to put my faith in God on this one, I just don't know how I'm going to deal with the emotional tourmoil. Like I said, I just wanna be shot dead.

Friday, February 17, 2006

No bread for THREE DAYS!

Its not that we dont have bread in the house nor the fact that I can't bake any. It mainly has to do with my poor diet of whole wheat bread and fruit. I have and could eat bread as a main meal everyday of my life. almost. But I could go on a long period with it. Just try me. Jesus said "man cannot live alone on bread"............he didn't say woman couldn't. Of course a man can't live alone on it. They want somthing else, somthing juicy or greasy like meat for that matter. Thats when I'd tell my beloved go make himself some jerky from that goat that keeps hanging around the village.

Hehe look its a bread bear! cute! Now I wanna eat his legs and arms and ears. YUM!

Bread porn.

Anyway I think I can survive another day without bread crack.........I think I can survive 24 hours and 1,475 minutes.........1,474 minutes......yeah...I think I can.

~Happy Eating~

These past few days of mine

These past few days of mine have included the following: ramming myself into the fireplace, hearing damage, sleepless nights. In all its been another sucessful week for myself. The major thrill of my week came from that announced my chocolate swap partner Delena. Oh yeah she lives in England by the way and has interesting blog to go with it as well http://
I don't know why or how, but I just keep making all these friends and connections in England. Its weird. I told God I've always wanted to live there for this a sign? an omen? ok definatly not an omen, but I am getting tempted to drop everything and move.
Meanwhile I'm dealing with the mess of work and school and then possibly taking on another job. I really need the money for now because who else is gonna pay for my gum habit, false nails, wig purchases, and hooker heels? WHO?! Actually its more like gum, magazines, food, and lattes for now. Yeah so gripe at me through the "post a comment" page because I don't wanna hear about it on messenger.
and umm uhhh yeah.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ranch Dippin and Torture

Ok so last night's episode of LOST was all about this guy (above) Sayid. Weird name yes, but makes a very attractive torturer. So anyway basically in a nutshell, he and the french chick find another trapped man whom they both believe to be a part of the "others" and so in his style he decides to torture the poor soul till he gets some real truth. Did I mention I found that attractive. I'm not a violent sort of person........really.........I just like guys who punch......somtimes.
Anyway, so with that they somehow tied in Sawyer (below) searching for annoying frog with the fat dude so he could "keep on ranch dippin" (I have to remember that the next time I see somone diggin into a tub of dip) which I could have cared less about because I was too busy staring Sawyer. "What's that mom?....the cat is on fire?? well ummm, lemme catch this last bit of sawyer before I dunk the crispy fried cat in water ok."So I got in some good guy action last night, and for the most part I'm feelin pretty satisfied with that...........until next wednesday rolls around. Anyway, of course at the end they throw in some sort of new twist, like finding a new human pod or somthing. Waiting to hear that excuse. Meanwhile I'm going to head to work today still daydreamy, and hopfully can brush it off with a grande latte.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff, and MORE THINGS!

She's so sweet and crafty AND her name is Heather too. I'm talkin about my food swap partner Heather Frei from Ohio. She sent me some extra little goodies in the mail. I really adore the box and the juicy lime hair clip. Goes great with my red hair. Anyway BIG THANK YOU AND HUG Heather! I love it all!
I love this one, yep got it from my favorite site, Its huge around my tiny wrists, would be better on a guy for sure. I'd give this to my boyfriend.......if I had one. But for now I can be selfish and wear it all I want.
Ya'll see this? Ya'll. Ok enough of the hick talk. Truthfully I can't stand that word........its not even a word really. Anyway took us really an entire day to make but mom and I made it. Looks kinda crappy, but alright for a first.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Psych 101

I don't hate this class really, well I do dislike the class, but not my professor.
See he's short, puerto rican, and just a goofy guy with a mixture of humor. But when I'm not usually paying attention to the lecture, I'm mostly staring and pittying all the people in the class.
You know the ones, they look beat down, have bad acne even though they are 35, the people who stuff themselves into skin tight sweats.
One particular guy I find myself in well, I'm sorta terrified of him. This guy is oddly built, he looks as though his upper torso will tip him over, as if hes in a constant balancing act when walking. This morning as I was staring at the back of his and how hairy it was I saw him literally, gulp down, like a seal slices of meat from a package. At first, I thought.......what the heck is in that bag?!!...but then after watching him gulp down slice after slice like a trained seal I almost threw up my coffee!
With that he also drank a large glass of starbucks frappucino and a can of diet lime soda, both of which he left laying all over the floor. This why I find it funny when people do a low carb diet. They eat all this meat then down about 2 pints of ice cream and wonder why on earth they aren't losing weight.
Anyway, besides that I also was admiring another woman in the far corner. She looked way to older than I knew she was. I've watched her nearly every saturday eating an entire bag of licorice, along with some other kind of candy. I had no idea people ate stuff like this for breakfast! Shocking!
I'm just glad I have no class the rest of the day now, so I don't have to watch people drive themselves into an eating hellhole.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Typical day at my work:

You can see here this room has great style. Right from the start. You know you've got class when you have a crappy mural trying to depict an antique look, a painting of a puma cat in the background, and metal sculptures of a cow and cowboy pretending to iron brand somthing. and uhh oh yeah have various boxes lying around.
So I was bored at work today and was thinking to myself "you know this place is a dump in the back, you really should do a safety expose on it" So I took out my trusty camera and found a bunch of crap and wires hanging from the ceiling in the back area. Maybe thats why my hair always get so much static when I go back there.
I tried giving this candy a positive perspective, but really its just trying to copycat Chuckar Cherries and everyone knows you just can't. It can't be done, because I've TRIED! Dilettante's candies have a very waxy coating to their covered fruit which makes the taste horrid. I know and I have to tell everyone at the store that these are amazing. BLECH.
I'm a bit intimidated by these. I always have been intimidated by combinations of saltly-sweet. I just have this little voice inside that tells me that it shouldn't be allowed. I'm sure I'll try one along the line. As for that lonely bar in the center. Its a chocolate covered rice krispy treat. Its very yummy.
Lastly, I adore these boxes. They are just so pretty and fem. I picked those for the store by the way. I just wish I knew why none is buying them. No, I really do know why, its because this town lacks class and spending money. We could never be Amish around here, where too lazy and have too much of an attitude that would have the entire town branded as devil-worshipers. Wow I don't know how we got so far off the subject there.

Why am I so obessed with LOST??

I give you two good reasons right here. And I think these are two pretty darn good reasons! Last night's episode was all about Sawyer which left me practically glued to the tv with nothing else coming out but "ohmygosh" "he's sooo hot!" and "this is the reason why I should be an actress". Sure he plays the bad boy on tv, but who cares, he's got a southern accent & charm. Thank God half my family is southern. Which reminds me, since my cousin works at Abcercombie in Alabama, then there should be alot of guys lookin like this down there. I think I'm spending Christmas in the south afterall.


I say this not out of agression or spite, but I just want you all to know that it is OK to leave comments on here. Somtimes its just easier for me to see the comments rather than being bombared with dozens of emails each day. I have it set you can freely leave comments on here. Take advantage of that.


This bad, bad as in like having your grandmother trying to shhlap on some makeup in an unworthy effort to look young, when I first saw this picture, I couldn't believe it, she really does look like skank who crawled out from the back seat of car, more likely a limo. eck. If you happen to remember that post I did about Tanorexia..............this would be a good example of the results. Girls, do you honestly want to look like a stressed out hooker 10 years from now?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Candy and stuff

An array of goodies I just got today. I bought my plastic skull key ring on Etsy, and along with that the designer sent me some other samples along with this burning heart I asked to be designed. Oh yeah if you can't tell near the bottom of the pic what those two things are, its hair clips. It took me 5 mintues to finally figure out they were cats. I know I felt like an idiot.
Love is in the air.........all around me..........and its filled with chocolates. These taste just like the reg ol' Junior mints..........except they are heart shaped. No big deal unless your trying to be cute this valentine's day and eat anything heart shaped.
I like tootsie rolls, I like the tootsie roll pops, but choco-covered tootsie rolls? It must have been a Canadian influence. I hate to break it you all, but these kinda sucked. I would only eat to keep my mouth busy during a movie, so the icky guy next to me dosen't try and make out.
The best for last, I found these at the local Bi-Mart, which happens to be the best place in town to get hard to find chocolates. Bless them.
Milkshake KitKat: OHMYGAWD! Its creamy, and the smell is divine. A must-eat!
Hershey's Fudge Creme Bar: Better than the KitKat, sorta but still provides that creamy lindt chocolate taste. A very soft creamy center makes my mouth water.
Reeses Double Chocolate: I tried the caramel peanut butter cups, which made me feel weird because its like trying to mold a dog and cat together. Or Jessica Simpson and Dr. Phil. It just dosen't well together and gives ugly results.
The double chocolate is fair, not super great, but might fix that chocolate craving.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Ok, rob this little picture was set up for you since you have not an idea of what a snickerdoodle is. They are actually way smaller than this. Just basically a extremely soft butter cookie with cinnamon n' sugar. YUM.
Ours are made for giants, or just whiney kids. Either/or

Craftin...I think I am now obessed....

I recently stitched this sushi-themed tea towel for my Aunt. Cute huh?
The yummies. I just got this great homemade stash from my food-themed swap partner Heather from Ohio. Shes the best because we're both vegetarians, and she made me the coolest softest t-shirt as you can see. Also shown a handmade strawberry pouch, and a candy pillow case. The only thing missing is the delicious dried mashed bananas from Trader Joes. Yeah I umm ate all those....ahem.
I ended up sending to her some of my famous peanut butter teddy bears, cupcake bath fizzies, two embroidered sushi pillow cases, chuckar cherries, and a "steak is wack" t-shirt.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Place where I supposedly work

Alright, lets get this tour started off right, beginning with what it looks like coming through the front area, now thats exciting.

Ok, so you think this is alot of boxes? Imagine working around it all during Christmas because every person "HAS TO HAVE" their gift wrapped. It was a mess wadding through boxes. Thankfully I'm now a pro at wrapping, and jumping like deer over boxes. Thank-you long legs!
Ahh our little terrace thingy, someday I'll get married in that, at the store, and well all have a giant cookie cake. Kidding!
Ohmygosh! My hair looks so dark here, hmmm. Anyway I umm was uhh errrr bored with the camera here.
Yes, I am the Mrs. Indiana Jones in here because I'm always having to venture down this long, cold hallway in the back. This right here, would qualify as a great looking bomb shelter, and with my luck a giant box would fall on me instead of a bomb. Read tombstone: Death by blow to head from giant box, and it was a big ONE!
Are those lamps not the coolest ones you've ever seen! I picked those!!!
Isn't this beautiful? I keep touching the painting, which I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it because...........I just have to.

More pictures on our back wall, kinda plain back there for now
And there you have it, gaze up at our big metal shiny star as a signal our tour is OVER!
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