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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Are you addicted?

Celebrity worship is the fastest growing religion. Its true and very sad because I myself spend too much money on magazines. On Monday I just bought the new edition of Harper's Bazzar and Allure, then yesterday I ended up getting a mail box jammed with two huge editions of InStyle and Vogue. So I hastly sat my butt down the entire day yesterday to catch up on my unholy readings.

Isn't that the picture of class. I'm glad so many teen girls look up to her along with being able to look up her skirt.

Ok, you see that black hat shes wearing........SEE IT?! Your not looking hard enough....ok ok, that hat is actually MY HAT! You've all seen my infamous black hat I wear in the summer. Do you now realize that my style is ahead of celebs? Ok so it isn't much to say for going beyond Britney but still.

yeah, he's my favorite, and not just because he's smoking weed, dates hookers, and attempts to kill people, but its cause he's got his own cup with DOG written on it. How many people do you know that have that on their breakfast cups? Well, I do know two pimps that do but that dosen't count eh rob?

Just look what they did to him! Isn't it hot? Yeah Viggo is or was my obession for awhile during the Lord of the Ring saga. I wasn't never into that movie much, except for him. While all the other girls were fighting over that gay elf played by dinky Orlando Bloom I took the smarter route and went with a real man. Anyway I just think this would be a cool look for halloween to scare the crap outta somone.

My favorite actor. Billy Murray has got some great movies out there, Lost in Translation happens to be one of my favorites.

This is soooo funny because last night I had this dream where I saw mary-kate and ashley in a hotel looking like ghostly hookers wandering the halls too. Now that is freaky man!

I didn't want to post this picture in the first place because, its just so ugly. But I have to because I wanted to make a point to all you people who suggest that I date a redheaded boy. This is why. Because every redheaded boy I've seen/meet is ugly and weird. I almost have a phobia towards them now. Plus if we had kids, they'd be so ugly it would be doing a disservice to the human race, although I'd probably be able to trade my kids and husband for millions to Arab nations to use against the U.S. as weapons of mass destruction.


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