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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Candy and stuff

An array of goodies I just got today. I bought my plastic skull key ring on Etsy, and along with that the designer sent me some other samples along with this burning heart I asked to be designed. Oh yeah if you can't tell near the bottom of the pic what those two things are, its hair clips. It took me 5 mintues to finally figure out they were cats. I know I felt like an idiot.
Love is in the air.........all around me..........and its filled with chocolates. These taste just like the reg ol' Junior mints..........except they are heart shaped. No big deal unless your trying to be cute this valentine's day and eat anything heart shaped.
I like tootsie rolls, I like the tootsie roll pops, but choco-covered tootsie rolls? It must have been a Canadian influence. I hate to break it you all, but these kinda sucked. I would only eat to keep my mouth busy during a movie, so the icky guy next to me dosen't try and make out.
The best for last, I found these at the local Bi-Mart, which happens to be the best place in town to get hard to find chocolates. Bless them.
Milkshake KitKat: OHMYGAWD! Its creamy, and the smell is divine. A must-eat!
Hershey's Fudge Creme Bar: Better than the KitKat, sorta but still provides that creamy lindt chocolate taste. A very soft creamy center makes my mouth water.
Reeses Double Chocolate: I tried the caramel peanut butter cups, which made me feel weird because its like trying to mold a dog and cat together. Or Jessica Simpson and Dr. Phil. It just dosen't well together and gives ugly results.
The double chocolate is fair, not super great, but might fix that chocolate craving.


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