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Monday, February 20, 2006

Nicole's New Ballet Studio

Really, theses kiddies just picked up the brushes themselves are kept working the 12 hours shifts. I swear none forced them, even by bribery of cake. The cute little one in the headband is Nicole's little sis. You might as well just say it, awwww!!
Let the light show in. The semi-finished wall.
I had this picture taken of me just to prove that I actually did do some work.
Those darn kids! See they didn't even finish the wall.......actually that is my work your looking at.....yyeeaah I know fine job huh? But come on, drywall is heavy!
Cleaning up the trail of paint mess the kids, ahem, cough I made, on the floor.
Spackle Queen
Cheers to you nicole for makin it happen!


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