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Friday, February 17, 2006

No bread for THREE DAYS!

Its not that we dont have bread in the house nor the fact that I can't bake any. It mainly has to do with my poor diet of whole wheat bread and fruit. I have and could eat bread as a main meal everyday of my life. almost. But I could go on a long period with it. Just try me. Jesus said "man cannot live alone on bread"............he didn't say woman couldn't. Of course a man can't live alone on it. They want somthing else, somthing juicy or greasy like meat for that matter. Thats when I'd tell my beloved go make himself some jerky from that goat that keeps hanging around the village.

Hehe look its a bread bear! cute! Now I wanna eat his legs and arms and ears. YUM!

Bread porn.

Anyway I think I can survive another day without bread crack.........I think I can survive 24 hours and 1,475 minutes.........1,474 minutes......yeah...I think I can.

~Happy Eating~


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