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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Place where I supposedly work

Alright, lets get this tour started off right, beginning with what it looks like coming through the front area, now thats exciting.

Ok, so you think this is alot of boxes? Imagine working around it all during Christmas because every person "HAS TO HAVE" their gift wrapped. It was a mess wadding through boxes. Thankfully I'm now a pro at wrapping, and jumping like deer over boxes. Thank-you long legs!
Ahh our little terrace thingy, someday I'll get married in that, at the store, and well all have a giant cookie cake. Kidding!
Ohmygosh! My hair looks so dark here, hmmm. Anyway I umm was uhh errrr bored with the camera here.
Yes, I am the Mrs. Indiana Jones in here because I'm always having to venture down this long, cold hallway in the back. This right here, would qualify as a great looking bomb shelter, and with my luck a giant box would fall on me instead of a bomb. Read tombstone: Death by blow to head from giant box, and it was a big ONE!
Are those lamps not the coolest ones you've ever seen! I picked those!!!
Isn't this beautiful? I keep touching the painting, which I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it because...........I just have to.

More pictures on our back wall, kinda plain back there for now
And there you have it, gaze up at our big metal shiny star as a signal our tour is OVER!


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