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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Psych 101

I don't hate this class really, well I do dislike the class, but not my professor.
See he's short, puerto rican, and just a goofy guy with a mixture of humor. But when I'm not usually paying attention to the lecture, I'm mostly staring and pittying all the people in the class.
You know the ones, they look beat down, have bad acne even though they are 35, the people who stuff themselves into skin tight sweats.
One particular guy I find myself in well, I'm sorta terrified of him. This guy is oddly built, he looks as though his upper torso will tip him over, as if hes in a constant balancing act when walking. This morning as I was staring at the back of his and how hairy it was I saw him literally, gulp down, like a seal slices of meat from a package. At first, I thought.......what the heck is in that bag?!!...but then after watching him gulp down slice after slice like a trained seal I almost threw up my coffee!
With that he also drank a large glass of starbucks frappucino and a can of diet lime soda, both of which he left laying all over the floor. This why I find it funny when people do a low carb diet. They eat all this meat then down about 2 pints of ice cream and wonder why on earth they aren't losing weight.
Anyway, besides that I also was admiring another woman in the far corner. She looked way to older than I knew she was. I've watched her nearly every saturday eating an entire bag of licorice, along with some other kind of candy. I had no idea people ate stuff like this for breakfast! Shocking!
I'm just glad I have no class the rest of the day now, so I don't have to watch people drive themselves into an eating hellhole.


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