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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ranch Dippin and Torture

Ok so last night's episode of LOST was all about this guy (above) Sayid. Weird name yes, but makes a very attractive torturer. So anyway basically in a nutshell, he and the french chick find another trapped man whom they both believe to be a part of the "others" and so in his style he decides to torture the poor soul till he gets some real truth. Did I mention I found that attractive. I'm not a violent sort of person........really.........I just like guys who punch......somtimes.
Anyway, so with that they somehow tied in Sawyer (below) searching for annoying frog with the fat dude so he could "keep on ranch dippin" (I have to remember that the next time I see somone diggin into a tub of dip) which I could have cared less about because I was too busy staring Sawyer. "What's that mom?....the cat is on fire?? well ummm, lemme catch this last bit of sawyer before I dunk the crispy fried cat in water ok."So I got in some good guy action last night, and for the most part I'm feelin pretty satisfied with that...........until next wednesday rolls around. Anyway, of course at the end they throw in some sort of new twist, like finding a new human pod or somthing. Waiting to hear that excuse. Meanwhile I'm going to head to work today still daydreamy, and hopfully can brush it off with a grande latte.


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