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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Typical day at my work:

You can see here this room has great style. Right from the start. You know you've got class when you have a crappy mural trying to depict an antique look, a painting of a puma cat in the background, and metal sculptures of a cow and cowboy pretending to iron brand somthing. and uhh oh yeah have various boxes lying around.
So I was bored at work today and was thinking to myself "you know this place is a dump in the back, you really should do a safety expose on it" So I took out my trusty camera and found a bunch of crap and wires hanging from the ceiling in the back area. Maybe thats why my hair always get so much static when I go back there.
I tried giving this candy a positive perspective, but really its just trying to copycat Chuckar Cherries and everyone knows you just can't. It can't be done, because I've TRIED! Dilettante's candies have a very waxy coating to their covered fruit which makes the taste horrid. I know and I have to tell everyone at the store that these are amazing. BLECH.
I'm a bit intimidated by these. I always have been intimidated by combinations of saltly-sweet. I just have this little voice inside that tells me that it shouldn't be allowed. I'm sure I'll try one along the line. As for that lonely bar in the center. Its a chocolate covered rice krispy treat. Its very yummy.
Lastly, I adore these boxes. They are just so pretty and fem. I picked those for the store by the way. I just wish I knew why none is buying them. No, I really do know why, its because this town lacks class and spending money. We could never be Amish around here, where too lazy and have too much of an attitude that would have the entire town branded as devil-worshipers. Wow I don't know how we got so far off the subject there.


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