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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chocolate Swap

So below are some of the following items I have receievd from my fab swap partner delana from the U.K. She totally outdid me and blew my mind when I open the box. THANK YOU DELANA!This by far was the most different candy bars I have ever tried in my life! Its a low-fat candy bar. 130 calories and 10 grams of fat. Not bad for a huge bar. Plus it has has all whole grain rice in it and rasphberry preserves. Different but delicious.
Another delicious item I got in my box. I just love hand-made items like this. Its my "smores" scarf
Backside instructions on how to crack these eggs open. Took me a few attempts, but after finally jabbing the lid open and half the time flipping it across the room.........I got it open! See below.
Yeah, ok I know the insides aren't that appealing but come on' its inside! I love chocolate egg-insides.
These were..semi-interesting. But good. I really couldn't taste the dark chocolate, but the white part of these pandas were quiet creamy.
If you've ever had a Charleston Chew bar, then this would best describe its texture only harder to chew. I wouldn't give these to a person with dentures.
Hehehe....minty balls, yeah it brings out my stupid 13 year old humor. You don't see this kinda packaging in the U.S.MY FAVORITES! I adore Cadbury. Why don't we have this in the U.S.? The biscuit is by far my favorite.
And here is the whole sheebang. Well except for the scarf, but whatever I adored and ate it all!


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