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Friday, March 17, 2006

Crash n' stuff.........yeah I don't have anything better to here

On a common fluke to the grocery store, I decided to waste my afternoon huddled in blankets watching movies. My key choices for this St. Patty's Day: Crash and Pride&Predjudice.
Two very different movies.
Anyway I just finished Crash and was blown away by it. Although there are many f-words and a nudity scene, you kinda had ot just brush off. Coming from where I live and hardly hearing anyone uttering curse words other than "crap" all the time, it did take some getting used to.
But I found this movie to be very effective and made me really think just how fast people get so angry and move in on their pre-concieved thoughts on people.
Thats especially easy where I live and its always about the whites vs. mexicans.
I thought about suggesting this movie to my parents but then realized all my dad would get out of it is how many f-words they said, or nudity etc etc. Just goes to show that he really dosen't listen.
So tonight I've gotta watch some Jane Austin, least for my friend's sake so I can have a conversation with them. I'm not the type that re-reads all the Jane Austin novels. Sure it'd be great to play around during that time, but actually living it?!!!
I couldn't imagine pooping in a ceramic bowl let alone OUTSIDE! Dogs might be watching..........or horses....or whatever else animals roamed the earth. Dodos or somthing.
Besides that, I'd probably just use my time machine to grab all the crap I could so I could later sell it in the future.

Me: So much do you think I could sell that antique pooper? or actually that sword or whatever. I'm sure some stupid geek might wanna buy it to prove to himself and internet buddies that he's a man.

My friends: (strong looking stares)

Me: Why are you looking at me like that? I just wanna make a profit. Its security for the future!

My friends: Heather your too funny, now drop the stuff and let it go.

Me: HECK NO! I'm fighting for this!

My friends: Grabes priceless antique thingy, wrestles to ground. SMASH!

Ahh yes, and there we have it. I can tie in the whole CRASH-movie theme. Yes we are all tied together and somtimes "crash" into each other. In my case somone crashed my freakin priceless antique I was gonna hack off. Thanks.


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