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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Easter 2006

This is a public plea people. So listen up! Normally every holiday I try a suck up as much as I can, and grin to all the relatives....even the ones who are still patting my behind............AHEM.
So what I need from you, my fellow subject, ahem, blog readers is to help me come up with or plot a good excuse to miss Easter lunchon.
This years great feast to be held at none other than my grandma Horst's kitchen.
Dear God, I pray that I might not be forced to eat ham dripping with greasy cheese and forced to eat that warm "low-fat" cheesecake again. ACK!
So to anyone who can think up a good excuse or can fake a death/illness really well I promie I will reward you for such horrid behavior.
Wink Wink
Just be sure to leave any ideas on the comments page okay. I keep getting bombarded with dozens of emails and its clogging up.


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