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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Expeirmenting with Japanese food

This picture sucks I know, unfortunatly at the time I hadn't discovered using white paper as a background. Slaps forehead. I was really scared of this at first, I don't know why but eventually I over came my fear of paste-y things and scooped the soy bean paste out. Its extremely salty though so watch out if you don't want to turn into a balloon.
the greens.............
Ahhh yummy smelling Miso. My finished product and its all mine ready too eat!
Okay, is this not an awesome picture? Alright I admit I'm sounding a bit lame here but it seems that I have much more coolness to make up for it.
Pocky, seems to have a cult-snackers-following so I figured I'll try a bite from one. I've known a few people that have gone through entire boxes of these things.
Personally I give this stuff a #5 rating. Why? because although chocolate part was good, the biscuity was like I could easily taste the salt.
Maybe its just me, but I just gave the rest to dad.


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