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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Oh dang it! What was this post about again? I totally forgot. I don't know why...........because every time I look at these pictures...............yeah. So you all know I'm already an addict for this show. and if they don't include some Sawyer-face time.....I'm usually grumpy by the end. Damn those producers! Don't they know how important he is to the show?
Ok anyway, so last night's episode wasn't even about him, but who cares right? right?
Wait! What this sticky wet substance all over the keyboard!? ewww........oh wait, sorry just drool.
Wipes down keyboard
Anyway, so basically Locke (that older wiseman guy) basically goes through his previous life flashbacks, gets his legs stuck under a door, and finds a secret message on the door under blue light.
It left me with nothing but the words: "OHMYGOSH"! "OOOOHHMYYYGOSH"!
So it was dubbed to be the episode that "changes everything". Yeah right....snickers..........and I fell for it. yeah I know. But if it involves anything with Sawyer or Sayid and them just waving a gun or beating the crap outta know I'm watching....or more like becoming one with the tv.
Pathetic? yes, I admit to it, but with pride my fellow readers.
I hope you all are coming up with good excuses for me to miss Easter dinner. I encourage you all to do somthing productivly stupid for me so I can spend my 5 minutes in the hospital with you.


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