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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My shoes

When I first tried these babys on, it was magic. About 3 inches of magic really. About $79.00 bucks worth of magic to look hot. And it all only lasted about a minute.
I just bought these and I'm already still drooling over the pictures, waiting like a hungry animal for them to come in the mail. And then once I get the box, I'll rip it open and the box'll be flying.
In all honesty I'm not a shoe person nor a handbag person like the rest of my friends are. I don't spend $7.99 on every cheap, cute bag/shoe there is out there. In fact I dispise women who do that.
Because in the end it all adds up and you could have gotten that great expensive high-quality pair in the first place.
I know some girls who can literally swim in all their bags and shoes. I shake my head in shame.
The suckers I just bought here cost me about $80.00 but since I take good care of my heels I'll have them forever and they match with everything!
Did mention they are drop dead hot as well?
I just love that whole 1940's war pin-up girl look.
Ok nough said, cause I'm blushing now.


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