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Saturday, March 04, 2006

MySpace = whorehouse

MySpace makes me depressed. Thats why I hardly ever go on there. Plus the fact that its a whore house. Every time I do randomly go on to check out things, I usually end up spending a whole freakin hour looking at other people's profiles and their gorgeous bodies etc. It makes me feel like a worthless piece of crap.
This stuff makes it so hard to be a Christian. Desire to do good, set an example, listen to God. But at the same, just breaking out of that box somtimes would be nice.
But one thing I've noticed for sure, is that girls really are just putting themselves up for sex and that most modles are just horney bitches.
Anyway, I stopped off at Chuckar Cherries today to pick up a few treats for some special people and realized that those Myspacin chicks probably wouldnt touch chocolate if earth came into a big freeze down. They wouldn' be freezing the fat off them cause they don't have any.........sooo its probably left to their deteriorating bones.
Penguins will most likely become the new meat. Very sad. Plus they really couldn't run away fast......unless they just tried to waddle away. Thats when I come in and try to save all them and become enemy no 1#.
Just tryin to save the penguins!


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