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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Trouble at Costco

I'm a normal Costco fan/lover. I love how you can get more food than you'll ever eat in a week. I also love battling it out for asile space each time I go there.

Except for this time..................

I was in sad need of retail therapy. Having just canceled a trip, I wanted somthing to fill that void. So I did what I know best. Shopping. Whether it be getting gormet food to clothing. Whatever my heart desires for the day.
Thankfully mom was on my side that day, blew too much money, and ended the day with Costco which was a mad house.
People's carts piling up everywhere, boxs flying through the air........ok I'm lying, but they did spill alot of them today.
Anyway so here we are waiting in line, backed up into the snack food isles, slowing inching forward, inching!
When of course this lady rams her cart into my butt! It wasn't like she rammed into me, but she definatly pushed really into it. I didn't say anything at first, but shot her a look. You know those "looks".
I shot her the "that-was-rude-you-better-watch-hussy-next-time" look. I also replied with "geezzzz".
Needless to say, she didn't say sorry and just gave me a blank stare.


So I put my tough girl skills out there and used my very thick butt and pushed back into her cart. HA-HA. Thats right, I totally used my rear to push back. I make my family and friends proud.

So we move forward a bit again, guess what genius does behind me again. Pushes her cart into my ass again! By then I have had it. I relied again on my bum and pushed back into her cart, only this time I really leaned back into it and said "EXCUSE ME"!!

From then on, miss pushbutt didn't try it on me again. Lucky for her. Cause I was in no mood to be messed with that hour.

Maybe it was the turkey sandwhich or the venti latte I had............whichever. I just won't take somone rammed their cart into my rear.
So just watch out for me at the grocery store ok. I know those places magazines. I wanted to avoid cliched wording again.


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