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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Candy is Dandy but Liqour is quicker and how I survived Easter 06'

Man, I really must have forgotton about yesterday entirely. Thats really pathetic cause when I started writing this piece, I almost began to repeat myself over.
Umm anyway, so yeah obviously I did survive Easter. Many thanks to Johnathan in taking part of the escape.
Soooo last night was interesting. After burrowing my rear into the couch to watch another year of original "The 10 Comandments" I got a phone call from a friend and thus began my adventure for the night.
We meet up at this local mexican restaurant, and ate our way through chips n' tortilla soup and I had my first White Russian. It a latte with vodka in it. It tasted a bit bitter to me at first but gradually it began tasting better with each sip.
So after drinking, I had to use the bathroom and as girls do we went together and they had one of those weird automatic paper towel dispenser things, which we had a little too much fun with. I'm sure that explains why everyone was staring at us after we came out.
Its really hard to pee and laugh. I'm sure you guys just had to know that about me.
So we decided to go hopping around to friend's houses, and ended up dying eggs, meeting friend's boyfriend's etc etc.
Then straying off into prosser. With that after picking up a friend we ended up getting pulled over for speeding. Thankfully I wasn't driving, but it turns out the cop liked us, and his partner in the back knew my friend. I'm pretty sure that played a part in avoiding the ticket I'm also sure that the Jesus bobble head too with the police lights blarring behind it.
So with that our last stop was stupid walmart which had been ripped to shreds from last minute people getting Easter items.
So make a boring story shorter, I got dumped off at home and staggared my into the house with khalua all over my breath and slept in the longest ever: 9:30 am.
So I spent (sadly and regretably) easter morning drinking tons of tea n' water trying to flush out the last of the alcohol. Meanwhile I had no clue when easter dinner was so it was sorta a chance game of when my friend would call to get me outta there. I finally broke and called my grandparents and found out it was around 1 pm. CRAP!
Desperatly I tried to call Johnathan. I desperatly tried to mesenger him. Nothing. No repsonse.
I felt doomed. I thought I was going to have to rely on my old female.....female problems we'll call it.
So 1 pm comes around.......I sluggishly drag my rear into the car and to the grandparents' home.
It actually wasn't as bad the first few mintues I was there. It only got worse when we all went into the dining room and my grandfather decides to pat my rear as if I'm a 3 year old child again.
Honestly I do not believe he means it in a bad way. I think he's just honestly dumb about females and what NOT to do. The men on that side of the family have proved one thing they have: Stupidety.
Family all sits down at the table. Hardly any conversation exists. Then my dad decides to bring up about how the magpies are making "messes" on one of his wind machines.
This is where is peaks in dinner conversation there.
All the while I kept thinking. He's not gonna call me. I knew it! I knew it! He's so going to pay for this!
But no my friend came through, and did a excellent job of acting on the phone. Of course it dosen't take much when on the phone, but whatever! The point is that I got outta there and celebrated with the latest issue of Rolling Stone mag under my arm.
So that leads me to the here and now. I'm not proud by any means of what I did today. I dont like to lie, but the best way I am going to try to justify it is, just spend 14 years with grandpa and grandma horst and you'd know my reasons why.


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