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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Champagne makes work better!

Really it does. The reasons for that is my boss can somtimes get a bit stressed or confused by her own thoughts. But once we've broken open a bottle.......its smooth sailing the rest of the day.
The day actually started out quiet nicely, I contructed some sort of flower-votive holder that took on alot of compliments from customers.
Yes, I feel validated now. har har!
Soooo after the day dragged on, my boss decided to crack open the champagne and that usually starts around 2pm. We start early................
After having a few cups, I started to relax a bit, and found almost any words coming out a person's mouth funny. I didn't get it either but when I heard this little 4 year old say "thats shit" I couldn't stop snickering.
Now as I sit here tapping away at the key board, drinking lots of pots of tea to wash out the rest of the alcohol.........I think..........How on earth am I going to survive tomorow's Easter dinner???
My mind thinks: Maybe its not going to be that awful........your just making a bigger deal out of it than you really should.
My real inner thoughts: Maybe I should just really listen to my boss instead and bribe my grandmother with goodies, while chugging down a bottle of champagne and making my escape.
So until tomorow evening, I'll you all know how the day my easter-escape went. Will it blow over? OR Will I be homefree?
Only the Easter Bunny and Jesus know.


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