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Monday, April 24, 2006

Do I really look like a Koala when I sleep?">%20src="Find%20your%20own%20

I dunno why I did this. Maybe because I'm like all the other curious smucks out there trying to find another stupid quiz to define certain parts of my life.
I must say though, that I don't sleep at all like that in the picture. Plus I've never slept with anyone. Well with a guy I mean.
But most of time, I usually end up rolling into my poor friend if that does happen.
One of the best sleeping memories I ever had was during my trip to D.C. I shared a bed with a friend and I remember I kept getting hit and shoved by her. Little did I realize that I smooshing the poor girl off the bed.
Next morning I find myself wedged between the bed and the wall. How I got myself to be in that position I'll never know, but it was funny as hell.
Here's where you can find out your own pose:


Blogger dnsswgr said...

D.C....I remember :D

1:49 PM  

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