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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Family Secrets and Photos of my past

I had a really hard time finding baby photos of me. I honestly don't know if mom got mad and destroyed them or we just plain lost a bunch. Its a shame because I was so cute. Anyway, I loved our trip to Hawaii so much I wanted to include it. This is my pre-akward stage into adolencense.
This trip was the best because I really roamed free in Hawaii and felt safe. My dad was stuck in the hotel due to 2nd degree burns (dummy didn't use sunscreen) while my mom tended to dad. Lucky for me I only got burned on my eyelids. hehe. Odd I know.
Many people know my grandfather, but many people don't know that he had a white man's fro! This secret was kept from me until I was snoopy enough to discover it myself in the family files. Shocking isn't it?
My youngin grandparents (all these pics by the way are my mom's cool side of the familia) Again this was taken in hawaii where they lived for a good long while during the war, then came back home to San Fran.
God, if they only still made clothes like that! This is my grammie (Bonnie Reese Hughes) right after she got married to my popo (Byron Hughes) who was in the Navy. She flew all the way from San Fransisco to marry him.
Yet another ravishing photo. This was taken before I was born. Before the world really existed I should say, pre-1984. This obviously was for halloween, because my family isn't that odd....right? right?
Still I'm grateful for a grandmother who still remains ever so young and ageless.


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