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Friday, April 14, 2006


I don't know why I'm even talking about this.......probably because its so frickin funny. But if you've ever seen photos of people who've had too much to drink or are still recovering after those 6 vodka shots, you'll find yourself laughing.
After visiting that guy I meet over in Ellensburg this past week, I remembered when he showed me a picture of the worst drunken photo. At first I thought "why the hell is showing me this?"
This is the part where all my grandparents' and strict upholding people in my life come in to try and block me from laughing.
But yeah I didn't care cause it was so funny... I still laugh about it
He sorta reminded me of this puffer fish..........only really bloated, coked over and still drunk at 7 am.
Yeah, if you ever want to get back at some idiot for screwing you over, I'd say just mail the drunk photo of the person to every known relative.
I know people are vying to have yet to get a photo of me at my worst, but I say good luck idiots!


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