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Friday, April 28, 2006

Honest to God people, is it just me or is everything against me today?
Well of course everything couldn't possibly be against me, because my now I would have suffered a horrid long death.
Sooooo psychologically..............everything is against me. Yeah that makes sense.
Actually I just had a terribly hectic day. Between trying to keep (mom paying for my hair cut) from dad, to my hair dresser running 30 min late for the second time to burning red eyebrows. Oh yeah then I got my period.

Normally I try to stay away from personal information like that, but I swear it was just a big day full of annoyances.

Right now I just feel so gross and huge...........periods ruin everything! Its true. No matter how hard a woman tries it just ends up going downhill.

Usually for me, when that time comes.......I stay home. Completly. And I've been blessed to be able to do that. I don't know how those pioneer women did, or when wearing huge hoops skirts and all. The worst of it is the poor women had only two choices. Either outhouse..........or pee pot.

Sadly, that was main and original form of a pregnancy test waaaaaayy waaaaayyyy waaayyyyy back in the dey. Either that, or you knew somthing was up when you start to rapidly gain weight and then begin to expierence heavy pains and POOF! a little human comes out. SURPRISE you were pregnant all along! and you thought it was just gas!

So how did we get off and into all that now...........oh right I was venting about my life. yeah sucks.....right. Kidding. I know I'm extrememly blessed and grateful.

Alright I'm gonna stop here bacuse I can go on and on and on about me and then this post will get too long because I know most of you don't read very much nor hold enough patience to read all this. Heck I'm lucky you've even gotten this far.

Until then.....................



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