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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm gonna be a supermodel

See if I became a supermodel I could hang out and do fun things like crack and get drunk on beer all the time. Cause thats what supermodels do the last time I checked.
Not only that, but I'd have a really hot rocker of a boyfriend. Isn't he hot? I mean when he's not wasted out like a coke-head he's really actually a great guy.
And it gets better! I'd be on all the major mags. Not just the trashy gossip ones.
And just to let everyone know, that yeah......supermodels have to diet too. Just yesterday I half a tic-tac, two lines of coke, and one rum n' coke. I'm telling you it's hard to make it as a supermodel.

Hopfully you all won't take this seriously, cause really I dispise this kinda behavior and you'd have to be a crazy coked out idiot to keep doing what Kate Moss does. Marrying a drug-addicted baboon who doesen't even know reality exsists while having your child in that environment is basically the fastest way to turn her life into a crappy mess like yours.


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