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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lessons Learned

I recently took a trip to meet somone whom I thought would be interesting. And interesting it was.
So lemme back up...........waaaayy back to get this story right. It all started when I saw his picture on a very famous site I'm sure you alll know about. Anyway after corresponding back and forth for awhile and telling a few friends about it. I began to having questionable feelings in a my heart about him. I guess I could actually say they were warnings in my heart.
For the longest while I had been feeling so blue and bored with my life so meeting somone new and had that badass image proved to be irrisistable to a girl like me. I had been there before and knew what it was like, and I also knew the results of hanging around a person of that nature.
So anyway, things and emotions began to stir in my heart about this guy. I knew without evening meeting him that he wasn't a Christian nor held any values related to that.
I didn't care, I was sooo bored with my life it was terrible. I had been complaing to God for a long while that I was giving on this waiting bit and I was sick of almost closely leading the life of a pre-nun.
But the warnings in my heart did not go away as I consulted some friends who warned me about some choices they made and regretted. I cried and was angry about it for awhile but eventually gave up and figured I was better off just being where I was.
So then, I got a message from him I had forgotten about. Suddenly all those conversations and warnings in my heart dissapeared oddly. I decided to just live and meet him and have fun. And there isn't anything wrong with that, its just doing it without making an ass out of yourself or falling away from yourself.
So I made a date to come, and was very excited beforehand and I even prayed that God wouldn't let me do somthing stupid I would regret and clearly He did watch over me during the time I spent there, even though most of you would brush off that nothing could have happened anyway, the fact is just never know.
So I drove up there, the farthest I had ever driven myself. Pathetic? Very! But my trust in mapquest has been renewed.
So during the time I spent with him, sorta getting to know him, I honestly did have a good time dispite coming in the middle of the week.
He was handsome, different, and seemed to be well rounded.........but I nothing really connected me with him. No offense if anyone related to him is reading this.
Don't get me wrong, he is a gorgeous guy, who is very intriguing and as much as I would love to get to know him more, I won't move unless he decides to and I have a good guess that he won't be doing that anytime sooner or later.
So anyway, with that I don't regret this trip. It actually taught me alot. That I had God's hand on me today...though I know many of you probably won't understand that part, thats okay.
I now know that I am capable of driving long distances, how I can let my expectations get the best of me in times like these, and how the direction of my life is going in the choices I am making now.
Strange how all that came together in my head during this time and I admit I felt sorta decieved in the beginning it was partly my fault due to a false image I had in my mind about things. Luckily I learned a few tricks before doing anything I might have really regreted.
Life Goes On
The End


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