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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Movie day

Right, I know that I am 21 years of age. Waaayyy beyond the cartoon-loving age when I could literally sit all day and watch pointless drawn characters in a box. It was pure magic.
So I'm actually quiet into anime. No, not the porno sickos! I'm talking about the classical stories such as Spirited Away.
Sunday.....the most lethargic day of the week. My favorite.
After talking mum into getting some movies, I decided to pick up Howl's Moving Castle.
A supurb movie with lovely music and a great story. I don't know why I fall for this type of animation.......very strange.......
oh yeah I lost track just to prove my obession I tracked down some stills from the movie. Enjoy
Why on earth I stuck the poster from it on here, I'll never know. Unless you do. Tell me please!
One, thing about movies from that its all out humans changing into monsters or feathery creatures, and good and evil demons. I was raised that "demon" meant bad. But hey........
Veeeerrryyyyy interesting scene. Just to irritate you all I won't explain it. You have to rent the movie.


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