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Saturday, April 22, 2006


All I can say is: OH-MY-GOD! God has got goooood taste!
Ummmmm, will you marry me? I know thats suppose to be the other way around, but i just had to take a stupid chance.
You know that little voice in your head that says, "you shouldn't, you couldn't, you just plain can't"! Well, I didn't listen to that voice, in fact I hardly ever do which is somthing I should start doing more but most likely wont.
Okay, when I first saw this at the grocery store, I think my life stopped for about 10 seconds then came back. It was really werid. I knew I had to have this picture, but I felt I'd be questioned or weird for getting a Men's magazine. But screw it, I got it anyway.
And there hasn't been ony girl who I've shown this picture too and not had an all-out stare! It cause he's HOT!!!!
I don't know if its my sex-drive or what because I think its from being in a Christian school and having our sexual drives being repressed all the time, but from what I've seen, everyone who graduated from that school is majorly sexual. I don't get it, but at least I can say that sex won't be boring with me.
Alright I've said waayy too much.


Blogger dnsswgr said...

If I didn't know you any better I would think that you're obsessed with him...oh wait...never mind. :D

7:57 PM  

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