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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sex and the magazine(s)

It's funny really, I always seem to find out interesting stuff about my dad and what he thinks whenever I'm alone with mom.
Today's episode delt with the fact when my dad found that Men's Health magazine.
You know the one, with all the pictures of Josh Holloway. The one where I posted nearly every picture of him on here.
That one.
Anyway, I left my magazine out or either he went through the pile of garbage magazines and was shocked at what was in there and that I read it.
Yeah, think about sex all the to please a woman.
Seriously, I'm all for printing that kinda stuff because some men out there don't have a clue and are WILLING to learn a few tricks.
I don't know if he thinks I'm still an 8 year old, pre-hormonal girl, but somthing is wrong with his picture.
I'd actually like to be bit prepaired before my marriage and for sex after it of course. Because I really wouldn't want to end up being all shellshocked after the wedding.
If I didnt know most of what I knew now during that special time, I guarrante I'd be shocked or disturbed...........take your pick.
Besides that, I wouldn't want to be the girl who just lays there through it and have no interaction.
Thats just stupid.
Okay soooo my point is..................ummm mm.........crap.
My point is this: Its better to be pre-paired and know a few tricks to make you and him happy.
I rest my case your honor.


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