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Friday, April 07, 2006

sooo bored

I decided to take a break from exposing my family this week. I figure I'll leave the rest up to when I am getting married and then everything blows over. Meanwhile I'm desperatly trying to get over a sickness, and all the while I'm doped up on self-adrenaline because I'm meeting a guy next week.
Now since I do not like exposing or telling many people about my dating life, I'm keeping this quiet. Its a combination of superstition and I just like to have certain things private. Just take a lesson from our celebs. News such as that travels at lightening speed in my family. It usually goes like this: mom to dad to his parents to uncle then somehow back to me, when I am left speechless.

I am suriving work also, dispite having a rift with my ego-happy boss. I figure as long as I come in with a smile on my face and rake in as much dough as I can I'm in the safe zone. Unless she randomly gets mad...........again.
I am too sheltered!

So with that, I am just truckkin along.


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