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Saturday, April 22, 2006

This late I know, but

I just like the way it looks. really. Pocky inside glass vase. Yes thats what I'll call it. I am Heather.....I am genius.
Nayway, the following chocolate items has been shipped to me from the wonderful Rob in Toronto. I can't thank him enough for all the sinfully good goodies.
Yumm these were extra yummy. I don't remember seeing any MARS bars around here for forever. The Dove and Cabury eggs were very melt-in-yo-mouth delicious. Why dosen't America have these? We could go to war over this, at least its legit.
It says: Kinder MEGA Mix. WoW.
Inside this little box of Kinder fun I got three mini sticks of milk chocolate which had a really interesting white milk base inside, but tasted devine. The Kinder Egg surprise was suprisingly easy to open. I thought for sure it would be crushed by opening, inside I found a giant plastic yellow n' orange pill which hence, contained my prize: a mini puzzle. I still don't get it.
But it also came with a larger bar that was filled with hazelnut filling, sadly I had to pass that one on. But I did manage to get a kick outta of the uber-happy bunny and insect stickers. Everyone is always so happy.
I've had some similar ones before from the U.K. by Cadbury and yes they are quiet tasty. Though half the battle is stabbing the outter shell to get into the creamy chocolate inside, its well worth the battle I'd say because the inside is filled with a nice light creamy filling.
I'd really love to give these to some little kids just to watch them stab at it for about 10 min till they start whining and shove it back at me to open it for them.


Blogger Robyn said...

Aw man, I wish i could get kinder mega mix! But it's probably for the best that I can't. :P

8:50 PM  

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