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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I get paid to do this??!!!

I am one lucky lucky chick.
I just had my first day of work.
Guess what I did! I made an octopus outta a cotton ball and a hand flower from foam that looked really crappy but whatever!
Not only that, but I get to choose when to come and go!
I get paid to do crafts.
Tomrow I'm working on a face plate mask for kiddies.
I have to admit though, I feel kinda lame making these things, but really its somthing that I love to do and be challanged instead of leaning towards the same macaroni-kid-craft crap again and again.
It gets really old and everything flakes off.
But I do have a great partner to help out with, we've got lots of ideas.....the problem is that we need to approve them first and make it. Examples etc.
But for the most part I'm enjoying my job, working etc.
So just a little update for ya all.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Greetings via a coconut

WoW its been one whole year already!!!!??? I didn't even know I was married! Time sure flies vegas.
I prefer this one, its more if the skipper himself threw it off the island or just to kill gilligan..........somthing which I would have done long ago, then seduced the professor into getting me off the island with that stupid coconut radio, then proceed to write a tell-all book about the horrifying living conditions such as using...gasp....leafs for toliet paper.
But back in reality, which is where I very much like to stay most of the time, I did find this neat little site in a botched effort to find a 25th wedding anniversary gift for my parents.
I can't think of what could possibly express a child's love to their parents than a hallmark-related greeeting written on a coconut.
Okay, so they are kinda cute, but its somthing I would only send to a die-hard island fanatic or for a hawaii-themed party for the most part.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I didn't even know what to title this post as, it really dosen't matter because my heart is so heavy.
Most people think your a crazy person for loving a cat so much, although I was never one to stuff my poor kitty into air-tight outfits to parade around was a general favorite of everbody. But, now my yellow cat (sunshine) whom we've had for many years seems to be slowly dying. Its almost to horrifying for me to even look at him, I just almost wish he would peacefully die out in the field somwhere. But looking at him today and seeing the bones pop out of him I just want to cry and care for the poor little dear. I just don't know whats wrong.
My parents, both unwilling to help, even take him to a vet, I just see that they really don't love animals. They figure if it gets sick, then its the time for it to die.
I keep reminding myself to remember look who I'm talking to half the time. My dad. He had to shoot his own favorite dog because the animal was getting old!! I couldn't imagine doing that to my own cat, somthing that I've loved for so long and shared many fond memories stroking, and having somone to tag along with and then just blankly shoot him.
Please just rip out my heart and slice each piece into bloody strips so I can never learn to love another animal!
You know how most people treat their animals like as childeren, I think this belief applies to most as well; that they will outlive their pet to an extent.
I can remember asking my dad as a little girl if their was a heaven for good animals, of course my father replies with a "no, God dosn't have a heaven for animals because they do not have souls". Okkkkaayyyy......just break my heart again please. If you ever have childeren and they ask that question and happen to be under a certain age, just say you either don't know or lie!
Soooo I dont really have a point here, except that my heart is breaking currently over there, I just hate to bury an animal...............clearly I really haven't exiperenced much loss in my life..........or at least to anyone that I was really close to.
Everyone is equal to death.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I got ANOTHER job

Soooo this is like my third job now............and then I got a call from Cafe Villa in Prosser. So could be up to 4 now. INSANE!
Sadly I have to stick with just Hofengarten and my new other part-time job as an assistant at Sunnyside Parks n' Rec which I'm looking forward to doing.
Helping little kids, fun stuff, etc etc etc.............crap like that. Yeah. But the good thing is that I'll be outta there by 12 pm.
Otherwise I would have taken the job at Cafe Villa. I wouldn't mind learning how to make lattes and other drinks. I would finally know how much sugar really is in those things. Thats why people are addicted.
But the main reason is that............Prosser people are different. I'm a sunnyside girl. Its my hometown and I seem to get along great with the people there.
But in Prosser............everyone is sooo tight-knit with another. I'm not saying every person in that town is weird...........its just from my expierences.
Take my past two jobs there in Prosser. One at a tire place-which was justifible to leave because my bosss' had the ability and willingness to slay you there on the floor with curse words. The other was at a neat little boutique, but for some reason...........ahem.... I was let go. But just from working with people in prosser, and hanging out with their families...........they are just so different.
That town could easily double as a spot for harvesting Childeren of Corn 14.
So for now I think I'll just stick to shopping there instead of working in Prosser.
Sunnyside may be considered ghetto by some, but its just cause they know they would kick anyone's ass for anything.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I baked........yes my blog is finally again living up to its name.

Yes, I finally baked somthing since...........Christmas??? I can't even remember because its been so long. Well I bake alot of bean dishes for protien I suppose that could count.
But right here you can't possibly get anymore closer to perfection than these. We did have a whole pan but, these hot little homemade buns go fast. Maybe we should start selling them at Prosser Farmer's Market. They are waaay better than those crappy pancakes from a box mix.
Oops I did it again...........I baked again...and blah blah blah blah. Obviously I suck at lyrics. But I did have time to make my super-easy-googey yummy macaroons. It only uses 3 ingredients and makes other people's cookies obsolete. But these are a hit, hmmm macaroons n' cinnamon buns.......I might have somthing.
I know this has nothing to do with my baking, but it did make my day yesterday about 100% better. I FINALLY got in my copy of that rouland mouret dress I ordered on ebay. It would have been really cheap if I lived near China. damn it.
But since I've been on that ahem, time of the month I hesitated trying it on. you know why girls.
But I finally got too anxious this morning and low and behold the slit in the back goes clear up to my rear. Which would have been fine if I was an exotic dancer. On top of that the bottom part had been sewn to close in an inch of my life.
Since I'm not a hussy nor care looking like one, Im just going to end up having to rip some seams apart and adding some fabric on the bottom.
At least next time, I'll remember to ask to have them leave room for my hips to walk.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Message to Jesus/Simon Peter

Yeah, I've figured out who you are now.

Friday, May 19, 2006

For lack of not finding our camera........

hehehehe..gawd I love the paperazzie. All you have to be doing is just bending down to pick up a piece of paper and they take a picture of your rear and then your front page news on how fat you've gotten or pregnancy rumors.
I love this one in particular. Appearantly Brit was balancing between her son and her starbucks drink, lost balance and nearly killed her son in the process.
I really am afraid, like most of you, for this child.
So far he hasn't been pawned off for cheetos, but this near-death thing is getting too frequent.
Is it really that hard to choose between the latte and the child?
I go for the latte, its lighter.
(just a disclaimer for anyone who dosen't normally read this blog, most of the crap i say is sarcastic, and I hate having to type this)

Don'tcha love fake food? These two photos came courtsey from Robyn
Shes been lucky enough to taste almost all of NY's food offerings.
I must say that plate of faux pancakes just makes me want to hurl it at somone just to see them panick while trying to catch flapjacks.
Pancake me!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Sleep and Heat can kill Heather

Yes its true, I realize that I'm revealing too much information here because, if heaven forbid I ever get kidnapped and tortured the attackers could use my blog against me.
So I'm going to risk sticking my foot in my mouth and just be out with it.
Last night I almost died. Don't worry not literally but I almost wished it upon myself just to sleep.
You all know my father sadly has the "conserve-everything" syndrome. That includes such crap as useless keys, 30 year old sunscreen from his army days, and moldy handyman mags.
As you know might know, the heat has been extremely high here (90 degrees+). So we leave our A.C. on and shut down all the curtains etc.
But it did no good because I just started suffocating in my bed. I had cold air coming out of the vent, but not enough or not cold enough to come out.
Even my poor mum was on my side for this one. YES!!!
So I did what any hot sweaty sleepless person did. Sorta. I crashed and huddled myself near the a.c. vent. I couldn't get as close as I wanted though because the vent happens to be under my giant bed.
So here I am in a most unattractive pose, trying to get as much cold air as I can. And it worked.....for the top half of my body.
Luckily I did cool down a bit, but my back gave out under the hard floor. So back in bed I landed.
Now its dawn.........the birds are churping away, and the sun us gently pushing its way through my window.......and OHMYGOSH if I had talked to anyone that morning I would have shot them down on the spot without mercy.
Its sadly true, even my friends, whom I truly love dearly, have been subjected to expierence this wrath. Sleep-overs with a snoring girl beside me.........OH HECK NO! THAT WILL NOT LAST! I've thrown pillows and nudged, but I finally just give up and move to another room.
Same goes for a hot hot house. You naturally want to be a bit cooled down for sleeping, but how I survived sleeping over at a friend's air condition-less dairy I'll never know.
Don't take it wrongly, I love the girl and our friendship, but between the cow-poop smell, random flys, and heat.......
It was normal for her!!!
I'll never understnad the dutch
So what was the purpose of writing this? Two things.
1. If you wake up in the night to find a pillow thrown at your face or me missing....then it means you've been snoring too loudly.
2. I pray that my future husband whoever God will bless him to be, does not snore loudly. Because I'll either end up putting a pillow over him, or move to another room. and believe me I do not want to sleep in another bed! I plan to get full mileage out of my marriage. Ahem.
Thats all for now.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I don't know why I call my blog this........

Seriously, my blog name should changed from heatherbakes to Heatherbuys. Cause you all know that I buy too much stuff. Anyway so I got my Dailycandy news bit today and got dips on the cutest jewlery. FOOD JEWLERY PEOPLE! Not only that, but its scented to whatever it is. PBJ to Banana Cream Pie. OHMY! My only vice is that each necklace is so expensive! about $18. Thats alot unless you really like your doughnuts. http://pancakemeow.comHot buns!
So cute! So kawaii! They should be selling these cupcake necklaces at the Magnolia bakery or Babycakes.
Yummmm I want to lick the screen!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm not pregnant so it must be PMS

I don't know why I've been on a recent chocolate/chocolate milk/protien kick lately. I'm still a might be stress..........but my money is on the PMS-factor. Peanut M&M's and Chocolate milk..........favorites unite!

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, the difference between Canada's "Smarties" and our yank's M&M's. Now I'm not dissing on Canada here, but your smarties are lame okay. I must say your colors are vivid and lovely, but just not for chocolates
The U.S. version is much more subdude ( did I spell that right?) Much more earthy-chocolately etc etc etc.
Not only that, but I just seem to find the canadian's version a bit more bland.
I guess I'll never understnad Canada..........great country....its just your past-times, candies filled with maple syrup, and obession with Ketchup just make you more like the weird sibling in the family of the world.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM the power of the M&M.

I had to put this picture in here. I think it sums up what the majority of what we all would like to dunk our heads least somthing what my dad would do. But could you imagine coming across a barrel filled to the brim with M&M's??!!!! My God I'd fill my swimming pool with it! or maybe one of those giant ball pits for adults.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Second Job = $$$$$$

Yes, I did in fact attain the impossible. The second job. Actually it was just a matter of me getting outta the house and checking out places to see if they were hiring. I went with my pal, Denise, though sadly she didn't apply because she wasn't 21. See Denise!!!! We could have worked together there!!
I actually didn't go to the tri-cites today either. I was planning to hit up the book store but somthing inside me told me, I had better make a choice today and that was either blow cash or check up on potential job prospects.
Oh right, I didn't even get to the part where I reveal where I am working yet.

Are you ready? ......................still reading this?????


Its WillowCrest Winery! Nice place and its right next to a place where my pal Laura works. Hopfully I can catch her somtime.

Soo tomorow morning Im going in to check things out..........learn a bit about wine and work out the schedule. I don't want many hours because of my boss that I already have, ahem. But just enough to help out. Hopfully I' learn a bit about wines and what goes with what etc. I don't plan on becoming a wine snot, but I'd love to be able to go into a nice place to eat and have the ability to know what to get.

So there it is, my post for today............hey hey.........its off to work I go.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In response to Jesus

I just had to response to my latest comment from "Jesus" from my last posting. Quiet the honest gentelman.....or woman....
I take into full account of all my superficiality, and other annoyances that other people might find annoying as hell.
One thing you should know is that half the time I'm a sarcastic person. Read the "I wanna be a supermodel" post.
I'm like every other person on the planet, I'm just honest and open about it.
Was I raised in certain manners to be a brat? Yes I was. Do I regret it, yeah I do. I'm not putting all the blame on my parents, but we were both responsible for certain choices in my upbringing. I take responsibilty for my choices whether good or bad. Its not such an easy thing to erase.
I'm grateful at times for what is given to me, for having an easy job, alot of my expenses paid for. But again, I'm human, and yea I do covet what other people have. Who hasn't?

Will I ever face reality? the working world? Yeah I probably will. Only being in the same spot where I am today will always keep me back. Duh.
I TRY, key word, to change things........and I fail and own it.

Obviously I still have way more to learn in or about life and will more than likely be shellshocked about certain realities.

I tell you this, what you said obviously stung but I wouldn't let it rule over me. I'll I can say is at least I'm gonna tell the truth, and who knows if your going to respond to this or not, most likely angry, all I can say I'm open to hearing from you.

So until your next response.........................................

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I buy too much crap!

Why Do I buy so much stuff? I really don't even want to call it stuff.....though most of it is. I call it "investment items".
I'm paticular about the things I buy. From lotion to fruit.
My biggest purchase so far is a custom made knock-off dress from Roland Mouret. I've been dying to have somthing like that for a long long time. If the freakin shipping wasn't so much I would have only paid about $56.00 for it. Not bad for an exact copy that would have originally set me back over $2,000.
And then today I blew alot of money, on groceries, then went to Chuckar Cherries where you always blow alot of cash on their goodies and lastly I spent $25.00 at Pearl River online. Hey I needed slippers badly instead of the germ sucking ones I've got now and that didn't even fit. Oh yeah and I threw in a really cool t-shirt as well............for ummm Chinese luck....yeah.

All I truly know is that its gotta stop, or I gotta get another job. Plus I really need a cell phone and get my fencing lessons paid.

What else have I recently spent on............oh yeah my mario badescu skin care order. Nearly half of all the stuff I purchase.....comes from NY. Oh then my amazon purchase for a shirt. I can never have enough shirts because I'm so tall and many shrink easy in the wash.

Then this morning I looked at what target had in store, and ohmygosh there it was!!! a taliored vest I had been looking for, for almost a year. A YEAR!

My vice is this.............I love this kinda stuff, I'm a sensualist when it comes to clothing and jewlery etc. Anyone who really knows me, know that those are my intrests. I don't buy 10 handbags becasue they are cheap n' "like, super cute".
Alright if you've gotten this far and read all that, then I am amazed at your attention span especially for me.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I dunno what to post this as....

(in my next life, this will be my hair)

I'm soo moody right now, I just finished watching a fairly good movie that I thought was goona be crap: Match Point. Was actually intriging............I would love to go on and spoil the whole plot to you all, but since there are die-hard wannabe virgin pre-movie watchers I'll just keep it to myself. I will say this, it was good.

Oh oh ohooooohhhh what else has happened so far in my weekend. Ummmm, just watched Aeon Flux too. I honestly didn't understand the movie, but the stunts and costumes were so cool I wished a world-war 3 happened, just so I can wear uber-cool clothing, crop my hair short and dye it black as midnight. Oh yeah umm I would somhow magically survive world war 3 or the Bird Flu wars or whatever.........................
So I scuffeled off to work today......a whole 7 hrs of doing nothing. again. I finally gave up and left an entire 5 minutes early. You think my boss will care?
Meanwhile, I can't seem to figure out how I am always finding the "bad books" in the liberary. You know the stuff your mum always said you shouldn't be lookin' at etc. Just leave it to me to randomly find a giant book on the history of sex or a comic book series with gross dipictions of sex.
I don't get it, I'm not browsing for that stuff........I guess thats what you should expect when browsing the art books section.
Anything goes nowdays.
Okay that last paragraph I have no idea where that came from.......I'm going to stop now for having a lack of better judgment for the rest of the day.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Caution the follow contains spoilers for those of you who did not get to witness last night's was brillant!!
Okay I dunno even where to begin other than with me sitting on the couch, eyes transfixed to the tv and saying "Nooooooo"!!! and "ohmygod! ohmygod! OHMYGOD!!! NOO!!!
I couldn't believe it, those darn LOST producers.......what was a seemingly innocent episode.....lead up to the ultimate shocker!
I couldn't believe ana lucia got shot! and not only that but that mental/doctor chick (Libby) too!
AND NOT ONLY THAT but the black guy who was looking for his son was the one who shot them!!!!
I really wanna know what the hell is up with this psychotic island because all the women are dying. Only one guy has died so far and like, what three or 4 women have already lost their lives?????? It's suppose to be the other way around!
Maybe Ana Lucia died because she sinned against that golden tv/movie rule "thou shalt not have sex if thy wants to live another scene"
At least Sawyer got some action with her if ya know what I mean. ;) and she took his gun too!
Men....haha....I'll can say is, that if the girl is smart while she is screwing with you to get somthing....your gettin screwed at both ends.
Ahem, anyway.......another sad part is that hurley wont ever get any further with Libby considering now shes been shot to death soo...that kills.(har har) any chance of him with her.
What really has been confused is the black guy (Michael)........So he shoots Ana and libby...then opens the door to the weird "other" prisoner guy and then turns the gun on himself.
Somthing is amiss....I intend to found out what the heck it is!!! I have a feeling he's secrectly in with the "others" somhow.....or maybe got brainwashed....
either/or I gotta know..........and keep praying that sawyer dosen't get killed off.
Because if he does...I'm gonna morn over that, plus thats like one of the main reasons why I watch the show.
So if that goes, I go. Well not really...I'll still watch it, but I'll be mad while watching it....while writing a nasty letter to the producers asking why they killed off sawyer.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bring on the Curves babe!

In respect that I have nothing really interesting in my life going on to blog about, I've decided to take it down a step further. Kidding. You know how much I in love with fashion.
These two very sexy dresses you see before you, well one shall be mine.
I have been drooling over this dress the moement I saw it, and figured I would never get to wear such a fine piece until I either die or whatever my second choice is.
Point being is I just love it, and I'm ready to making everyone else drool for it too!
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