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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Greetings via a coconut

WoW its been one whole year already!!!!??? I didn't even know I was married! Time sure flies vegas.
I prefer this one, its more if the skipper himself threw it off the island or just to kill gilligan..........somthing which I would have done long ago, then seduced the professor into getting me off the island with that stupid coconut radio, then proceed to write a tell-all book about the horrifying living conditions such as using...gasp....leafs for toliet paper.
But back in reality, which is where I very much like to stay most of the time, I did find this neat little site in a botched effort to find a 25th wedding anniversary gift for my parents.
I can't think of what could possibly express a child's love to their parents than a hallmark-related greeeting written on a coconut.
Okay, so they are kinda cute, but its somthing I would only send to a die-hard island fanatic or for a hawaii-themed party for the most part.


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