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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I baked........yes my blog is finally again living up to its name.

Yes, I finally baked somthing since...........Christmas??? I can't even remember because its been so long. Well I bake alot of bean dishes for protien I suppose that could count.
But right here you can't possibly get anymore closer to perfection than these. We did have a whole pan but, these hot little homemade buns go fast. Maybe we should start selling them at Prosser Farmer's Market. They are waaay better than those crappy pancakes from a box mix.
Oops I did it again...........I baked again...and blah blah blah blah. Obviously I suck at lyrics. But I did have time to make my super-easy-googey yummy macaroons. It only uses 3 ingredients and makes other people's cookies obsolete. But these are a hit, hmmm macaroons n' cinnamon buns.......I might have somthing.
I know this has nothing to do with my baking, but it did make my day yesterday about 100% better. I FINALLY got in my copy of that rouland mouret dress I ordered on ebay. It would have been really cheap if I lived near China. damn it.
But since I've been on that ahem, time of the month I hesitated trying it on. you know why girls.
But I finally got too anxious this morning and low and behold the slit in the back goes clear up to my rear. Which would have been fine if I was an exotic dancer. On top of that the bottom part had been sewn to close in an inch of my life.
Since I'm not a hussy nor care looking like one, Im just going to end up having to rip some seams apart and adding some fabric on the bottom.
At least next time, I'll remember to ask to have them leave room for my hips to walk.


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