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Sunday, May 07, 2006

I buy too much crap!

Why Do I buy so much stuff? I really don't even want to call it stuff.....though most of it is. I call it "investment items".
I'm paticular about the things I buy. From lotion to fruit.
My biggest purchase so far is a custom made knock-off dress from Roland Mouret. I've been dying to have somthing like that for a long long time. If the freakin shipping wasn't so much I would have only paid about $56.00 for it. Not bad for an exact copy that would have originally set me back over $2,000.
And then today I blew alot of money, on groceries, then went to Chuckar Cherries where you always blow alot of cash on their goodies and lastly I spent $25.00 at Pearl River online. Hey I needed slippers badly instead of the germ sucking ones I've got now and that didn't even fit. Oh yeah and I threw in a really cool t-shirt as well............for ummm Chinese luck....yeah.

All I truly know is that its gotta stop, or I gotta get another job. Plus I really need a cell phone and get my fencing lessons paid.

What else have I recently spent on............oh yeah my mario badescu skin care order. Nearly half of all the stuff I purchase.....comes from NY. Oh then my amazon purchase for a shirt. I can never have enough shirts because I'm so tall and many shrink easy in the wash.

Then this morning I looked at what target had in store, and ohmygosh there it was!!! a taliored vest I had been looking for, for almost a year. A YEAR!

My vice is this.............I love this kinda stuff, I'm a sensualist when it comes to clothing and jewlery etc. Anyone who really knows me, know that those are my intrests. I don't buy 10 handbags becasue they are cheap n' "like, super cute".
Alright if you've gotten this far and read all that, then I am amazed at your attention span especially for me.


Blogger Robyn said...

I got that far! Haha.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Jesus said...

haha, I love reading yourself you're so into yourself and don't even care about other people. it's always about you and being rude and not even caring. that's cool that you're like that just don't care about anyone, just whatever you want. escpecially your job i wish i had that job don't do any actual owkrk and dont even work full time that beats my full time job as a waiter any day but then again I'm only 18. I do think it's sad that you're writin so much about your personal life that means you don't really have anyone to talk about it to with where you're at and you think online people care or would want to read this. i don't see why anyone would not want to talk to someone that just complains all the time and has a bad attitude and is all about herself, that's pretty messed up, that would be a fun convo for the other person.well anyways keep on typing so i can read about your "life."

10:41 PM  

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