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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I got ANOTHER job

Soooo this is like my third job now............and then I got a call from Cafe Villa in Prosser. So could be up to 4 now. INSANE!
Sadly I have to stick with just Hofengarten and my new other part-time job as an assistant at Sunnyside Parks n' Rec which I'm looking forward to doing.
Helping little kids, fun stuff, etc etc etc.............crap like that. Yeah. But the good thing is that I'll be outta there by 12 pm.
Otherwise I would have taken the job at Cafe Villa. I wouldn't mind learning how to make lattes and other drinks. I would finally know how much sugar really is in those things. Thats why people are addicted.
But the main reason is that............Prosser people are different. I'm a sunnyside girl. Its my hometown and I seem to get along great with the people there.
But in Prosser............everyone is sooo tight-knit with another. I'm not saying every person in that town is weird...........its just from my expierences.
Take my past two jobs there in Prosser. One at a tire place-which was justifible to leave because my bosss' had the ability and willingness to slay you there on the floor with curse words. The other was at a neat little boutique, but for some reason...........ahem.... I was let go. But just from working with people in prosser, and hanging out with their families...........they are just so different.
That town could easily double as a spot for harvesting Childeren of Corn 14.
So for now I think I'll just stick to shopping there instead of working in Prosser.
Sunnyside may be considered ghetto by some, but its just cause they know they would kick anyone's ass for anything.


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