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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm not pregnant so it must be PMS

I don't know why I've been on a recent chocolate/chocolate milk/protien kick lately. I'm still a might be stress..........but my money is on the PMS-factor. Peanut M&M's and Chocolate milk..........favorites unite!

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, the difference between Canada's "Smarties" and our yank's M&M's. Now I'm not dissing on Canada here, but your smarties are lame okay. I must say your colors are vivid and lovely, but just not for chocolates
The U.S. version is much more subdude ( did I spell that right?) Much more earthy-chocolately etc etc etc.
Not only that, but I just seem to find the canadian's version a bit more bland.
I guess I'll never understnad Canada..........great country....its just your past-times, candies filled with maple syrup, and obession with Ketchup just make you more like the weird sibling in the family of the world.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM the power of the M&M.

I had to put this picture in here. I think it sums up what the majority of what we all would like to dunk our heads least somthing what my dad would do. But could you imagine coming across a barrel filled to the brim with M&M's??!!!! My God I'd fill my swimming pool with it! or maybe one of those giant ball pits for adults.


Blogger KerrBear said...

Hi, I found this on Craftster, just so you're not freaking out about the random person. I'm only 16, I'm hardly scary.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am a Canadian. I hate Smarties. They taste articficial. And, I'm done.

8:23 PM  
Blogger HeatherH said...

Yeah I had smarties twice, once on a family vacation and the other time some people friend who raved about em' gave some to me. I gagged.
Thanks for checking out my blog.

5:20 PM  

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