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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In response to Jesus

I just had to response to my latest comment from "Jesus" from my last posting. Quiet the honest gentelman.....or woman....
I take into full account of all my superficiality, and other annoyances that other people might find annoying as hell.
One thing you should know is that half the time I'm a sarcastic person. Read the "I wanna be a supermodel" post.
I'm like every other person on the planet, I'm just honest and open about it.
Was I raised in certain manners to be a brat? Yes I was. Do I regret it, yeah I do. I'm not putting all the blame on my parents, but we were both responsible for certain choices in my upbringing. I take responsibilty for my choices whether good or bad. Its not such an easy thing to erase.
I'm grateful at times for what is given to me, for having an easy job, alot of my expenses paid for. But again, I'm human, and yea I do covet what other people have. Who hasn't?

Will I ever face reality? the working world? Yeah I probably will. Only being in the same spot where I am today will always keep me back. Duh.
I TRY, key word, to change things........and I fail and own it.

Obviously I still have way more to learn in or about life and will more than likely be shellshocked about certain realities.

I tell you this, what you said obviously stung but I wouldn't let it rule over me. I'll I can say is at least I'm gonna tell the truth, and who knows if your going to respond to this or not, most likely angry, all I can say I'm open to hearing from you.

So until your next response.........................................


Anonymous Simon Peter said...

aww i feel so loved, you devoted an entire postage just to me. well that was definately not what i was expecting. I was expecting something more along the lines of you ranting and raving and being in denial and all that fun stuff. But no you were very upfront and were completely honest saying everything that I had said about you is true, and i respect that-to a point. and don't use where you grew up as an excuse, i grew up in sunnyside and im doing something with my life. You sound like someone who dreams big and has big plans, but yu use excuses to hold you back. Trust God and once you have fully trusted him and given to him you will recieve his entire glory and 100X whatever you gave him he will give you. I just said this cause you said you lvoe God, but it sounds more like only sometimes and more of something along the lines of being a hypocrite. you were put here for a purpose and no one else can be you and you cannot be anyone else. The only question is when are you going to embrace this and when are you going to start living your life according to his plan?

12:14 AM  
Blogger HeatherH said...

Well, in response to your comments about me, I must say that was quiet a slap in the face.
So here are my honest thoughts; I was taken by surprise at your faith, I suppose I can call you a fellow Christian.
Yes, I have been flip flopping with my faith for a a long while....I always figured I would some how crawl my way to God. Thankfully God didn't wait around for me, or maybe his in his own timing. Perhaps what you say, as my eyes open up a bit more.
In terms of Loving God, I do love Him dearly with all my heart, so don't tell me that I do not love Him. I sadly admit to not respecting Him at times. Making choices I know I shouldn't.
I acknowledge that I complain alot about my present situations, and of course its due to my choices, i'm not blaming anyone when I say this, but the way I was raised and having every cushion makes it more harder to jump out if you know what i mean.
Somthing which I am trying to do very soon.
Considering the fact, that to you I must come across as soo pathetic, then why are you reading about me?
I would really love to have a face-to-face talk with you somtime. I'm sure you would bring an intriguing coversation to the table about all this and how much you know about me.

7:05 PM  

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