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Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Sleep and Heat can kill Heather

Yes its true, I realize that I'm revealing too much information here because, if heaven forbid I ever get kidnapped and tortured the attackers could use my blog against me.
So I'm going to risk sticking my foot in my mouth and just be out with it.
Last night I almost died. Don't worry not literally but I almost wished it upon myself just to sleep.
You all know my father sadly has the "conserve-everything" syndrome. That includes such crap as useless keys, 30 year old sunscreen from his army days, and moldy handyman mags.
As you know might know, the heat has been extremely high here (90 degrees+). So we leave our A.C. on and shut down all the curtains etc.
But it did no good because I just started suffocating in my bed. I had cold air coming out of the vent, but not enough or not cold enough to come out.
Even my poor mum was on my side for this one. YES!!!
So I did what any hot sweaty sleepless person did. Sorta. I crashed and huddled myself near the a.c. vent. I couldn't get as close as I wanted though because the vent happens to be under my giant bed.
So here I am in a most unattractive pose, trying to get as much cold air as I can. And it worked.....for the top half of my body.
Luckily I did cool down a bit, but my back gave out under the hard floor. So back in bed I landed.
Now its dawn.........the birds are churping away, and the sun us gently pushing its way through my window.......and OHMYGOSH if I had talked to anyone that morning I would have shot them down on the spot without mercy.
Its sadly true, even my friends, whom I truly love dearly, have been subjected to expierence this wrath. Sleep-overs with a snoring girl beside me.........OH HECK NO! THAT WILL NOT LAST! I've thrown pillows and nudged, but I finally just give up and move to another room.
Same goes for a hot hot house. You naturally want to be a bit cooled down for sleeping, but how I survived sleeping over at a friend's air condition-less dairy I'll never know.
Don't take it wrongly, I love the girl and our friendship, but between the cow-poop smell, random flys, and heat.......
It was normal for her!!!
I'll never understnad the dutch
So what was the purpose of writing this? Two things.
1. If you wake up in the night to find a pillow thrown at your face or me missing....then it means you've been snoring too loudly.
2. I pray that my future husband whoever God will bless him to be, does not snore loudly. Because I'll either end up putting a pillow over him, or move to another room. and believe me I do not want to sleep in another bed! I plan to get full mileage out of my marriage. Ahem.
Thats all for now.


Anonymous jesus said...

You already know me. You just don't know that you know me. We may not have met but you know. And trust me if we were to talk in person you would kill me or at least want to kill me and tear me to pieces. It looks like you've done a bit of turn around. Sorry for how I have said things but it needed to be done. Hopefully we can talk in person one of these days.

12:49 PM  
Blogger HeatherH said...

HEY HEY its my buddy jesus!
I was wondering when I'd hear from you again!
Wow, so this is an interesting puzzle, I already know you........but I don't know that I know you. Hmmmmmm
and so you really do think that I would tear you into tiny little pieces if we meet? Hmm I'm willing to challenage that. Its a matter if your willing as well.
I think i'd find you interesting to talk to.
Its true, my recent choices and actions have not been the best, and somtimes a slap in the face is the best wake-up call for me. Just not when you nearly try to slap off my entire face in the process.
Hopfully I'll hear from you again.

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Jesus said...

you dont want to talk to me... it seems like you've learned... that's all i was trying to let you know before i started talking on your blog, this was the only way i vcould reach you and say I' sorry hope everything works out for you, ever have a question ypou know how tog et a hold of me

an old friend.

10:51 PM  

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