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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Caution the follow contains spoilers for those of you who did not get to witness last night's was brillant!!
Okay I dunno even where to begin other than with me sitting on the couch, eyes transfixed to the tv and saying "Nooooooo"!!! and "ohmygod! ohmygod! OHMYGOD!!! NOO!!!
I couldn't believe it, those darn LOST producers.......what was a seemingly innocent episode.....lead up to the ultimate shocker!
I couldn't believe ana lucia got shot! and not only that but that mental/doctor chick (Libby) too!
AND NOT ONLY THAT but the black guy who was looking for his son was the one who shot them!!!!
I really wanna know what the hell is up with this psychotic island because all the women are dying. Only one guy has died so far and like, what three or 4 women have already lost their lives?????? It's suppose to be the other way around!
Maybe Ana Lucia died because she sinned against that golden tv/movie rule "thou shalt not have sex if thy wants to live another scene"
At least Sawyer got some action with her if ya know what I mean. ;) and she took his gun too!
Men....haha....I'll can say is, that if the girl is smart while she is screwing with you to get somthing....your gettin screwed at both ends.
Ahem, anyway.......another sad part is that hurley wont ever get any further with Libby considering now shes been shot to death soo...that kills.(har har) any chance of him with her.
What really has been confused is the black guy (Michael)........So he shoots Ana and libby...then opens the door to the weird "other" prisoner guy and then turns the gun on himself.
Somthing is amiss....I intend to found out what the heck it is!!! I have a feeling he's secrectly in with the "others" somhow.....or maybe got brainwashed....
either/or I gotta know..........and keep praying that sawyer dosen't get killed off.
Because if he does...I'm gonna morn over that, plus thats like one of the main reasons why I watch the show.
So if that goes, I go. Well not really...I'll still watch it, but I'll be mad while watching it....while writing a nasty letter to the producers asking why they killed off sawyer.


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